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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Felt Cowboy Hat ... A 1950's Icon!

I started searching the internet for the famous red felt cowboy hat to complete Dillan's Toy Story 3 outfit! I checked party & costume sites and then.... Hello, where do you find a cowgirl/cowboy hat? Yep, a country western store!
When Dillan's Abuelo saw the hat he choked up a bit .... remembering when he had a cowboy outfit & the same exact cowboy hat when he was a child during the 50's! A red felt cowboy hat brought back memories and will create new ones! Hay Howdee Ho!

We are soooooooo ready for the Tulsa State Fair to start tomorrow night because we have 3rd row seats to see The Disney On Ice ... the spectacular show! Toy Story 3! Every time Dillan has come over the past week, her first question has been, "Do you have the hat Tay Tay?"
Now I can say, "YES, YES, YES"!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

So Happy To Welcome Autumn With A Crazy Funny Pumpkin ...

The Hubbard is a crazy pumpkin .... we are glad to have a great big one at our front door!

Every Really Cool Girl Needs A Pair Of Jessie Boots!

Last night I saw the season premiere of "Modern Family" and guess who was sporting the "Jessie Outfit That Dillan Loves So Much?" The show's Cowboy family vacation! Seriously, every time Dillan comes over she literally runs to where we have her Jessie clothes..... she's in her cowgirl outfit within minutes! Next Friday we'll be seeing Disney On Ice, Toy Story # 3
Like all child hood obsessions she'll move on.... what's next?

Honoring SPC Christopher Horton ... Passed Way In Afghanistan Last Week

It's been a sad week for our neighborhood, we have lost one of our youth to the war. The parents asked if we would put out a flag in his honor on Thursday & Friday and literally our part of the universe did.... we pulled out Grandma & Grandpa's 76th flag and even bought a mount for the flag! For a square mile or more, the flags have been waving in his honor! He leaves behind a pregnant wife and our Senator Inhoffe even spoke about him on the congressional floor yesterday! Our prayers go out to our neighbors The Hortons and to all of our service men!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Famous Jaimie Muehlhausen Is Back In Tulsa!

Jaimie is back for his River Fest adventure! Joining up with his old cronies to have fun and get together.... the crowd just keeps growing every year!! As always, we love having Jaimie come to visit... we were so happy to spend a little time with him before he headed off to the river! He so wanted a Coney Island and so .... being good hosts ... we went!

We are so proud of him..... he's just amazing! We will always love him for his "amazing"!
Google this guy.... a music pioneer & graphic designer for Tony Hawk! A San Diego Icon!

I Hope Someday Everyone Will Receive A Gift Wrapped By Megan In Their Lifetime!

Sometimes it's so breath taking, so magical .... you do not want to open the gift because the presentation is so beyond the senses!
Remember the days you wanted to tear open your gift like a happy savage? Ripping, grapping .... desperate to know what's inside?
When Megan wraps a present for you, you some how don't even care what's inside! The sublime message from her spirit has already been given to you! What's inside is always fun, she gives heartfelt things! They may not be the most expensive thing (but sometimes they are)... They are always something that made her think of YOU! She's extraordinary for sure! She gives you her heart and wraps from her soul!

My Sister Jill's Run Around Car!!!! Pepto-Bismol Pink!

My sister Jill drives a Jaguar, her license plate says, "Jill's Jag"! But having said that .... she wanted a car to toot around town and go back and forth to work that was low in MPG's! So she bought this car and asked her Grand Daughter to pick a color ... it needed a paint job! That's Ella! She's responsible .... the eyelashes were a gift from her husband, Shane!

In a small town in Canadian County Oklahoma.... she's definitely stirring up quite a sensation!
I hear that some "red lips" are coming soon???

Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess Who Just Bought Tickets :)

Have you heard the buzz? The toys are back in town!

Coming to the Tulsa State Fair!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Very Own Prodigy Football Picker!

We have asked little Dillan Grace to pick a football team two times now & she has picked the winner each time!!

If you are really desperate for a team to pick next weekend.... contact us for the prodigy picks!

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Abuse, No Foul Play ... Just Good Clean Fun!

Beau's off to New Orleans for a MMA fight to be a corner man for Jake Shield's .... Kim's off to Austin for a huge musical festival. So we have the pleasure of having Dillan back and forth with Grandma & Grandpa Hart this weekend :)
We picked up Dillan and spent about two hours dressing the freshly cleaned Cabbage Patch babies! Here is the finished result!
Afterwards .... we ordered PF Chang's to go and just relaxed with all the new babie's in the house!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cabbage Patch Kids Reincarnated!

Some twenty five odd years later!

Yes, every little girl puts away her dolls and moves on to her teenage years .... Megan did just that so very long ago! They were in the basement in a long tupperware container, all nine of them laying side by side, asleep! Just waiting for a day of awakening! They definitely needed to be washed so I put them in the washing machine! All of their little heads just floated to the top:) Do you remember Megan? They came with birth certificates & passports.... you even saved the shoes & clothes! Viva La Cabbage Patch!
And yes, it's a funny and creepy photo for sure!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some How?

Dillan found her Bumble Bee costume from her 1st Halloween (almost two years ago) She just had to try on the buzzing outfit... it was quite snug but she didn't seem to care, she got to be a bee for an hour!

Missoni Madness

I made a mad dash to Target on behalf of Megan! Dillan lucked out too!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank You Gail!

Gail gave me this pretty heart shape rock she found in Eureka Springs Arkansas ... It's joined a group of other inspirational rocks!

Thursday, September 1, 2011