"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Most Popular Dolls Of The Holiday Season!!!!!

La La Loopsy Ragdolls!
When the "Today Show" announced the most popular & most sought after toys for this Christmas..... I immediately went on a internet search! Lucky little Dillan :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Greenberg Turkey Arrived Today!

We've been enjoying Greenberg smoked turkeys for a long time (even before Oprah picked them as one of her favorite things)...
Gobble Gobble!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dillan's Turkey Birthday Cake:)

Our plan is to have our traditional "Thanksgiving" dinner and then we'll head up to the famous "Light's On" ceremony in Utica Square! Santa Claus lands in a helicopter and mumbo jumbo, the carolers start singing our favorite Christmas songs and they will be in perfect harmony & then the thousand lights go on and the Xmas season begins and we are HAPPY!
Then we will head home to open birthday presents and eat this yummy cake! Come if you can!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beau & Dillan :)

BrewBurger Blast!

I met up with my girlfriends on Wednesday for Lunch @ Brew Burger! Unfortunately they were out of Buffalo :)

We had so much fun even though our footwear is very diverse!
I'm in the Chuck Taylors :)

Lynne, Michelle, Kerri & Me, Myself & I ......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm So Jealous Of Emily & Matt!!!!

I went over to Emily & Matt's home minutes after they had a brand new GIANT 3D flat screen TV mounted on the wall in their family room! I had the pleasure of experiencing 3D viewing (Alice In Wonderland) and it was sooooooo amazing! I went home and literally begged Stephen to get us one too! I had never seen anything in 3D! It's so cool!

I was @ The Dunaway's to go through some of Sophie's "barely used" clothes for Dillan, I came home with a bag full of all sorts of fun clothes! One of which was this sweet pink winter cap & mittens..... last night we couldn't get her to take them off :)

I like this picture because of the reflection on the "Statue Of Liberty" coffee table of Dillan!
The coffee table was a gift to my maternal Grandparents on their wedding day around 1917 ... I have always been pleased to have inherited this lovely little table :)

Sticky Face Abuelo!

Guess who went to town putting stickers on her Abuelo?

The theme seemed appropriate since we just got back from the ocean!

We are getting so excited to celebrate Dillan's 2 birthday on November 25th!

Thanksgiving Day .... She's just one more reason to be thankful :)

Zach's Venice Roof Top BBQ!

Just the three of us! The oceanfront sunset was amazing!

Megan and friends Karen, Sara, Kristen & Jaime!

Enjoying the sunset with Megan & Zach!

We really enjoyed hanging out with Zach! He puts on an excellent BBQ!

Mia, Jaime, Megan & Karen!

Hanging out with Zach's parents ....the lovely Robin & witty Bob!

Just three of my favorite people!

Stephen got some good airplane reading in his grab bag!

Everyone at the BBQ received a surprise grab bag:)

Megan has the greatest and most accomplished friends!

We had the greatest night meeting so many wonderful people!

A Turtle Named Tony :)

Stephen was very honored to find out that Zach named his turtle Tony after Stephen's all time favorite baseball player, Tony Perez!

P.S. There really is a little turtle in that bowl!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IN-N-OUT Burger Party Hats :)

I guess it's just legendary that The Taylor's have always loved & been big IN-N-OUT fans .... Probably just like most people that have been able to enjoy the most yummy fast food chain in the world! I will never forget this moment ... we had just seen the sunset at the Grand Canyon the night before (Most Beautiful) and the next day we are headed to California and Stephen sees an IN-N-OUT sign and most emphatically says, "Seeing that sign means more to me than seeing the Grand Canyon!!!" :) I actually think he was really really, really hungry when he said this! Last week when our plane landed and after we picked up our red Smart Car we headed straight to the nearest IN-N-OUT and GUESS who knew and so delightfully met us ...Yes, our dear sweet Megan! After that Wednesday night we enjoyed many more dining experiences with Megan & Zach i.e Sushi, Mexican, Street food, Breakfast and then....THE BEST BBQ FOOD EVER @ Zach's Venice Beach rooftop gathering on Sunday night! He cooked the most perfect tri tip & chicken & burgers, no one left hungry or unsatisfied! Our hats are off to you Zach ... for throwing a fabulous evening of fun ... mixed with the best camaraderie of friends and family!

California Sunday Breakfast

Yes, it's true! We drove around Southern California in a bright red Smart Car!

We had the pleasure of joining Zach & Meg for breakfast @ the Three Square Cafe on Sunday morning! We then parted ways knowing that we would re-unite with them at Zach's famous rooftop BBQ later in the afternoon!

Zach is participating in "Movember" (No Shave November) Guys grow mustaches to raise awareness & funds for various charities! So don't be surprised to see alot of men with mustaches this month! Maybe we'll see some barbershop quartets popping up too:)

Breeder's Cup! A "Classic" Day To Be @ The Racetrack!

Stephen and I love to go to the race track & we couldn't pass up Hollywood Park for the Breeder's Cup! Home to Zenyatta & her most ardent fans! Unfortunately Zenyatta lost by a nose to "Blame" but, fortunately Stephen had his $$$ on the winner :)
My show/place/win ticket still made me a winner! Yea!

My "Rooster Fish" New Friends!

My First Friday in Venice Beach.... we some how ended up in a famous Venice Beach Gay Bar... it was so much fun:) Rooster Fish!

The Yo Gabba Gabba Concert!

How cool for Dillan that Kim took her to see Yo Gabba Gabba on Friday night! Megan and I were strolling the avenues of Manhattan Beach with our new hair doo's when my nephew Jaimie called to say that Tony Hawk himself had called Muno, Foofa, Plex & the rest of the gang to procure "BACK STAGE PASSES" for our sweet little Dillan & her sweet Mommy!
Huge thanks go out to Jaimie for being the most "awesome" relative of the year!!!!!! Sooooooo COOL!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Friday In Venice Beach! Google It...So Much Fun!

Megan had been talking about the 1st Friday Night in Venice Beach and we had so much fun with Megan & Zach!

Thank you Zach and dear sweet Megan

Got My Hair Done "Manhattan Beach" Style!

Megan and I both had our hair done this weekend and we were so very happy!

It's always an ego boost to have your hair done by a young vibrant up to speed stylist! At the beach :)
The Taylor Girls are loving it!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Curb Your Enthusiasm Blog Friends!

After having a delightful early lunch @ an old favorite of ours, The Kettle in Manhattan Beach at the corner of Highland & Manhattan Beach Blvd.... we then headed over to Brentwood to meet Megan at her work site! Right across the street was the home used on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiam.... Larry David's home on the show!

It's always been one of Stephen's most favorite shows! They had been filming there all week and were packing up to go home!

We then walked over to another favorite of our family.... The 26th Street Market! Great memories!
We got back to the beach in time for Stephen to spend a few hours down on the sand and then some "swimming pool" splashing here at the Seaview Inn!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California Here We Come!

We have put our "P's & Q's" in order and are headed out to sunny California for a 5 day holiday with Megan :)
I can't wait to give my little girl a big hug!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn TAylOr StYle :) Trick Or Treat!

It never ceases to amaze me about our Halloween here in our Ideal neighborhood! This year "The Lady Bug Taylor Family" were able to take Dillan out on her first real life trick or treating extravaganza! We held down the fort while they were walking her around the neighborhood :) We bought 350 pieces of delightful candy to distribute to the goblins and ghosts and by 8:00 we had to turn off our lights and post a sign that said we were totally out of candy! And Oh, we only gave out one piece per child!

I made my famous chicken soup, we were invited to many neighbors for fun activities but in the end.... we choose to stay home and hand out candy.... Who would not agree that Halloween is just a fun thing to participate in when everyone LOVES to dress up and just have fun! It was a great Halloween here @ The Taylors! 2010....Now onto Thanksgiving!
PS Thanksgiving is Dillan's 2nd Birthday!