"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Itty Bitty Bananas!

Stephen went to Whole Foods for his weekly grocery shopping adventure and came home with these "itty bitty" bananas for Dillan! At most, they are two and one half inches long :>)

They are so adorable, you could just eat them right up! I guess that's what we'll do?

Dillan's New Red Scooter Bike

Gotta LOVE Pottery Barn for kids when you are looking for that special something for THE MOST ADVANCED CHILD ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!
Can't wait for her to come over and try out the "New Red Bike"!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

First Presbyterian Circle Four

When Grandma Taylor passed away I joined the Circle she belonged to for the years she lived here in Tulsa! Yesterday I hosted the ladies .... we meet on the last Thursday of the month @ someone's home! We are currently studying JOSHUA A Journey Of Faith! One of these sweet little old ladies turns 95 on March 11th! Each month we collect things for various charities, whether it's coats & blankets for the homeless, used eyeglasses for the poor in our Mexico mission ...this month we are needing things for unfortunate little ones (babies through pre-school) The children that are picked up by Children's Protective Services!

Circles: Presbyterian Women offer you the opportunity to get acquainted in small groups called "Circles." Ten Circles meet monthly (September-May) at various times and locations for Bible study, mission study and fellowship. There are coffee circles, luncheon circles and night circles, some meeting at the church and some in members' homes

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Unconditional Love

I have two beautiful daughters,
they are kind, sweet and generous...
especially to me...

Over the years, loved ones have taught them to be nice, kind and respect others...
but there is one thing they have taught me
and that was unconditional love...
something I knew nothing of ...
believe me...
they taught me how to laugh, cry, hug...
right from the start...
it's called love from the Heavens above not a wish on a star...
I've been blessed to say..
I thank God each and every day...
to have two beautiful daughters...
my unconditional love...
Megan and Kim Taylor...and let's include Dillan....I love them all unconditionally!

Abuelo & Dillan

What a fabulous Tuesday! We picked up Beau & Dillan and went to Ron's Hamburgers! Dillan looked adorable as usual ... and literally said "Hi" to everyone in the restaurant! She's very outgoing like her Mama & Daddy, following in their footsteps, for sure! Every time we go out with Kim & Beau we witness millions of people that know them and happily greet them with high fives & hugs!
We have had the upmost pleasure of "hanging out" with Dillan most every week day! When she's not around we actually get lonely for Dillan!

After lunch Beau had some business & errands.... we delightfully brought Dillan home with us.....Abuelo had to leave to get his hair cut and this picture was taken when he returned! Nice hair cut handsome man!
If you have a chance to be around a baby, take it with glad heart .... they renew your spirit and your love of life!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dillan's Some Day Birthday Party.....

Maybe for her 2nd or 3rd or 4th ...... but my dream is to have Shetland Pony rides for Dillan and her friends on her birthday! In our backyard! I love my dream!
Giddy Up Giddy Up, My Pony Girl!

Taylor-Rosser Celebration Announced In Newspaper Today!

I opened the paper this morning with such gladness to see Morgan & Jarret's announcement about their upcoming nuptials!

By Staff Reports
Published: 2/21/2010

Morgan Lindsay Taylor to Jarret Andrew Rosser. The bride-elect is the daughter of Peter and Kathie Taylor of Tulsa. She is the granddaughter of Robert and Jean Lincoln and the late Charles and Joan Taylor. The prospective bridegroom is the son of Bret and Rhonda Rosser of Ozark, Mo. He is the grandson of John and Norma Rosser and the late J.C. and Margie Anderson.
The bride-elect graduated from Union High School and the University of Arkansas.

The prospective bridegroom graduated from Union High School and Oklahoma State University-Tulsa.

The wedding is planned for Spring 2010 at Dresser Mansion in Tulsa!

The Taylor Clowns!







Don't forget to clown around and have fun in this one and only life you have!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

IChatting With Megan!

Megan and I had such fun during a morning ichat session!
She'll be here for cousin Morgan's wedding in less that two weeks! Yeah!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Perambulator Fun!

This is a perambulator from a long, long time ago! Who knows how old it's first occupant is now? My mom picked it up from a antique store years ago and that's how it came into my hands!

Stephen and Dillan are having fun strolling our Fashionable Utica Square neighborhood!

I plan on dressing it up with pink ribbons & bows for the Easter parade!
"In her Easter Bonnet, with all the thrills upon it..... she'll be the grandest Baby in the Easter Parade!!!!"
That's our Dillan, the grandest baby in our Parade!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Spider

We had a marvelous 24 hours with Dillan!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dillan Grace Taylor & Pretty Beads!

Fat Tuesday, Lent? What are you giving up?
We'll never give up on this precious baby ever! Yeah Dillan!

1975 ....Young & Crazy In Love!


I am pretty sure that I am expecting or about to be expecting our beloved daughter, Megan Meredith Taylor! (6-7-76) Little did we know that she would bring us never ending happiness! Such profound joy! We were just starting our life.... Stephen & I ... married in July of 1973 ... finding our way :>) My heart felt thanks goes out to everyone that has helped us along our journey!
My Academy Award Speech ....
Thanks most importantly to Stephen for not giving up on me and for being my best friend of a lifetime!
To my children for letting me love you!
To my friends... how heavenly it has been to know and to have been apart of your lives!
To my children for loving me back!
To the wonderful Siamese cats we have loved & to the sweet Scottie Dogs we have loved!
To the beaches of Southern California where we have lived!
To the suburbs inland from Malibu!
To the beautiful homes we have lived in that made us all comfy and carefree in life!
To all the flowers & plants I have planted.... connecting me to this great earth!
To society for letting me live a bit outside the box!
To God for letting me wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with a happy attitude about life!
I hold up my award? It's a bowl of yummy pasta that Stephen just cooked for dinner!

Megan @ The Dog Park!

Megan & Tim are good Scottie Dog owners .... they take Walter to the dog park often! An old man took this picture of Megan watching Walter romp in the mud and sent the results to her..... pretty interesting!

Scotty Dogs Tea Set

We are so looking forward to sipping "make believe" tea with Dillan!

My darling niece Deanne saw this tea set @ Target the other day and said, "I can see you and Dillan having tea parties"!!! So when she and my darling nephew Nathan and my darling great niece Ella came last weekend to visit the zoo....they stopped by with this most darling Scotty Dog tea set! Thank you sooooo much! We loved seeing you!
P.S. Darling Ella is just two years older than Dillan and I sincerely hope they'll have a tea party someday soon!

Al Capone In Hot Springs!

This famous gangster liked to hang out in Hot Springs, Arkansas back in the day! We encountered his famous "gangster car" in the lobby of the old Arlington Hotel this past weekend! This grand hotel was built in 1925, one year before our home was built! The hot mineral water was pumped directly into our room on the third floor.... we really enjoyed the Hot Springs!

Stephen and I dashed off in our little Mini Cooper on Valentine's Day and drove to Hot Springs.....through the Ozark Mountains during a lovely snow fall.....winding roads with delicate snowflakes swirling around like cupid arrows!

We were there for the President's Day horse racing @ Oak Lawn Park! Which, much to our dismay ..... they were canceled after the 4th race because of very cold weather! But, as you know ....Stephen and I are such very "happy campers" so the fun continued until the very moment we arrived back home! And them some!

Coming home was fun because we had the sweet anticipation of getting to have a sleep over with Dillan while Beau and Kim celebrated Fat Tuesday with friends!

We didn't get to the Gangster museum but hey, thanks to this sign .... we know there is one!
We came back with $28.00 less than what we took .... which says alot about Stephen's exceptional horse track betting skills! Way to pick the ponies Stephen!

Sadie The Most Famous Scottish Terrier On The Planet!

Sadie won The most prestigious dog event of the year, The Westminister Dog Show!

Sadie beat some 2,500 dogs in 173 breeds and varieties to win BEST OF SHOW!
The motto of a Scotty dog is,
"It's my world, and your just living in it!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heading Into Arkansas.....Some People Dream Of Catfish!

Yes, I am not sure why? But Stephen (like his dear Mom) LOVES FRESH FRIED CATFISH! I was happy to accommodate & yes for the young and reckless.... frog legs were on the menu!!! We we were heading into Arkansas for an adventure!
CATFISH!!!! Yum! I had fried shrimp! Born in 1954.... I can remember that this was my first seafood ever?
Highway Interstate 40 Alma.....
Did you ever think you would love "Hushpuppies"? ..... best Cat fish EVER!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Another Adorable Picture Of Our Most Precious Dillan!

In little over a week Dillan will be 15 months old..... she's so ready to take on the world! Being in her high chair, she may be wanting to take on some "mac & cheese"? A fresh banana or some apple puffs? She's ready for something! The world is her oyster as far as we are concerned!
Abuelo and Tay love you Dillan!

Abuelo Goes To Abuelo's!

Stephen and I went to meet our good friends for lunch today @ a restaurant named after Stephen's Grandpa name!
We had fun, as always!

Beau Taylor "World Champion Of The World" Cleans House

Good news! Beau found his much treasured "World Champion" belt which was assumed to be stolen!!! Where was it all this time?
..... under the sofa!

Blast From The Past

This is a picture of me .....my sister in law, Kathie and my sister Jill ....

Best friend Kerri keeps sending me "blast from the past" pictures & they are just so funny to me ... I can't help but post them! Between the hairdos and memories ....I am cracking up!

Best Friends 1991

Who is Lynne talking to on that old fashion telephone?

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Education Today!

Stephen and I are headed to the "Movie Show" this afternoon......exciting stuff!
He's been wanting to see this movie for so long (right Megan!) but @ some point it left the theaters here .... But thanks to the Academy of Motion Pictures, it's back!
An Education is up for these awards.....
2010 Nominated Oscar Best Motion Picture of the Year
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Carey Mulligan
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Nick Hornby
We enjoyed the film so very, very much!!! Go see it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beautiful Flowers For A Beautiful Lady! That's Kim!

I love this photo! Kim's friend sent these gorgeous flowers for her birthday!!! The "flora" are ever so sweet but the photo genius is exceptional!!!! That's how you feel when you get flowers! The bouquet becomes vibrant and you become a humble black and white recipient of the bouquet! I like birthdays that go on forever .... Friday night her friends are showering her with even more great birthday wishes and gifts!
Turning 30 was a great achievement! Love and Kisses From all of us!
That small dinner with friends on Friday night turned into a total HUGE surprise party for Kim.... with almost 50 people who love her ....who surprised her! Organized by her best friend ever....such love...such fun! What a great 30th birthday! Wow & Wow!

Kim's Lobster Birthday Dinner!

Birthday girl Kim & Beau & Stephen & I went for Lobster @ Bodean's Seafood restaurant last night.... to celebrate! And that we did!
Bodeans was on the darker side and the few pictures we took were not the best ever BUT in the interest of preserving Kim's special 30th birthday....I still put together this little slideshow! Kim looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL and was her sweet and loving self.... it was such a treat to spend time with her on this ever so fabulous birthday!

Jane & Stephen Taylor 1990

Soooooooooo that would have been 20 years ago?

Westlake Village California

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HApPy BIrThDaY To TwO SpEciAL PeOpLe In mY LiFe!!!!!

Happy Birthday today to the sweetest daughter in law ANYONE could ever have.... Kim Taylor! Kim turns 30 today and the world has been a better place because of this most wonderful human being! Thank you Kim for being in our lives and for your never ending smile and love! Have the best day ever!

Happy Birthday today to the sweetest niece ANYONE could ever have....Jillann Muehlhausen Linsley! She is the most fabulous Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Niece in the ENTIRE world and we have always adored and loved her! We hope you have a most beautiful birthday Jillann!!

Yeah Birthday Girls!

Sunday, February 7, 2010







Friday, February 5, 2010

Mi Casa Es Su Casa For Making Valentine's Day Cards!

More girls are gathering tonight to make Valentine's Day cards for their loved ones!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Lady Bug Lady From Shell Beach ...

Sent me this ever so sweet Scotty dog! She picked it up at the Women's Club Arts & Crafts Fair in Arroyo Grande, on the central coast! The artist is Sharon Kutz of Studio Musings. Thank you so much Lady Bug Lady!

Her Birthday card said, " All is fine & dandy, except Shell Beach misses you" ! We miss Shell Beach too! Especially YOU!
A little Scotty dog gift couldn't have arrived at a better time....our own Scotty dog, Petuka, underwent surgery yesterday to have a tumor removed ... so sad. Thanks for cheering me up!

I WAS ......

Last night .....were you?