"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Will Jane Get A New Car?

Probably not this one! Looks like we might go back to our beloved Mini Cooper! We did test drive the Fiat and really liked it but all kinds of things make us believe it's not worth the investment!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Beautiful Morning At Our Home

Beau & Ashley brought Dillan over before they went to work :) She was still in her Brigitte Bardow Kitty PJ's and wearing the cutest butterfly boots from Mommy! Like always, she was out of her clothes and into her Princess dress within 5 minutes! Dillan helped cracked some eggs and experienced some "honey butter" on her toast ... yum!

We went upstairs to "HER" bedroom (it's our guest bedroom but it's definitely starting to look like a little girl's bedroom)! We had the greatest birthday party for Boots! He's Dora's side kick monkey! Sing A Ma Jig serenaded the famous birthday song,
"Happy Birthday To You, You Live In A Zoo, You Look Like A Monkey, And You Act Like One Too!" Some of the honored guests to the party were, a wind up Santa Claus, Dora of course, the Ling Ling chick from the Wonder Pets, two giant Lollapolooza dolls and their pets (a owl & sheep lamb) AND last but NOT least.... Princess Cinderella Dillan joined the celebration! Afterwards we had the wildest game with a bouncy ball! A lot of giggles were involved!

We baked some cookies and Dillan took them to school! It's John Smith! All of us could not recollect what John Smith's name was? With the Princess Pocahontas!!! Yea for us! We finally know!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Really Great ... A Really Romantic ... A Really Loving ...Valentines Day

Thanks Stephen for taking me to lunch and surprising me with a bit of bubbly:) Love You Always!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ... Love Is In The Air!

Hope everyone is having as much fun as we are! XOXOXOXO

February Sunflowers

While shopping at Whole Foods with Dillan the other day we let her select a bouquet and guess what caught her eye? Happy sunflowers! She took a few home to her Daddy and we put a few in a vase on the mantel! I wonder where they were grown this time of year?

Dillan Loves Chocolate!

Over the weekend Dillan helped make Valentine Cards for all of her loved ones! She's getting pretty handy with the glue and stickers :)

Last week at school, Miss Sabrina (her teacher) asked if I would bring in Valentine supplies for the kids .... so I loaded up a pink bucket full of all sorts of stuff :) I just bet Dillan and her school chums had fun today exchanging cards and eating as much sweets as they are allowed?


So Stephen gets a new T-Shirt and this is what it says......
I have no clue, do you? What does this mean? Obviously, it has something to do with baseball and the Cleveland Indians! It's about a 50's era baseball player named Rocky Colovito!
Oh My Gosh .... He's so handsome!

Winter Finally Arrived!

My Sister In Law .... Kathie Taylor!

She's so sweet! I'm so lucky! Kathie & I met at SMOKE on Cherry Street .... she treated me to a delightful birthday lunch and I just had to try out my new camera! As always, we had a nice chit chat and compared our lives being married to Taylor brothers!

Commercial Cleaning Services..... Update!

Stephen has recently added a new hospital account to his other 125 accounts! He really cracked me up when he modeled this germ free cleaning outfit!

The Greatest Valentine Card Making Party Ever!

The best part of Megan's annual party was being able to see all of her friends ... and they just kept showing up by the dozens all afternoon and evening long!

And hanging out with Megan's amazingly creative friends was heavenly too!

I loved spending time with Zach's Mom! She's an artist so you can imagine the really cool cards she made! She has an art show coming up in a few months in Thousand Oaks!

Like always, Megan was spreading her love....

To see some really happy photos of the party you must hop to Meg's blog! You'll definitely want to host a similar party next year for your friends!

I Love LA .....

Megan has the cutest little courtyard for Walter to romp around .... she's planted the prettiest purple pansies!

Short Order is a new burger joint in the Farmer's Market!

Stephen and I are renting this itty bitty beach house this summer! Can't wait!

Thanks Meg for taking me to the best taco eatery in Los Angeles!

My trip was short but ever so sweet!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My First Meal.....

My first request of Megan when I got off the airplane was to take me to In-N-Out for a double, double animal style :) Thanks Megan! Soooo Yummy!

More Princess Pictures!


Thank you Stephen for giving me the greatest little canon camera ever!
And thank you Megan for encouraging everyone to send me a birthday card!

I was so touched when over 50 birthday greetings arrived via the US Postal service! Thanks to each and everyone, you'll never know how much it meant to me!