"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Picture Of The Handsome Tim Root In Costa Rica!

Tim was in Costa Rica for ten days this month attending a destination wedding on the beach and for other adventures! We truly missed seeing him when we went to California! But wait..... we are going back to the beach in November for the Breeder's Cup and Tim & Meg will be joining us for this very fun event!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

See's Candy! Gotta Love It When You Can't!!!!!

Thank you everyone for giving Stephen "See's" candy....yes, it's true....when we can't have it .... we long for it so much! It's all gone and we love chocolate!!! Thank you, Thank you!!! Yum!
P.S. You cannot buy See's in the midwest :(

1949....The Top Favorites!

This was only "one" of Stephen's favorite gifts on his birthday! From our favorite Rouse Family! A collection of the best candy back when Stephen was born....pretty awesome!
What else happened in 1949?
RCA introduced the 45 RPM record!
Joe DiMaggio resigned with the Yankees!
Harvard law started admitting women!
Sales of TV sets hit 60,000 per week! Look magazine declares that radios are doomed?
(Stephen still listens to his transistor radio every night....oh well?)
Anybody remember "Candid Camera"???"
Hi -De-ho....Fuddy-Duddy!

Meet The Happy Engaged Couple!

Meet Jarret Rosser extraordinaire! Our sweet niece Morgan has fallen in love with him and has agreed to marriage! Wow!

This side of the family have met Jarret often and absolutely approve of the match! The wedding bells may ring next April 2010!
Let the wedding plans begin........
And count on us to help in anyway we can!
Love to the both of you!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Our sweet Scotty dog, Petuka claimed our big over stuffed chair in front of our living room window! From there...Petuka rules the Taylor roost! She lovingly lets us know when someone walks by.... she snoozes their most of the day....she keeps us safe 24 hours a day..... from this all important chair!

This... my friends is the new fabric that we are replacing the dog chair with....what an amazing cool frabric! Look for the finished product soon...and it will be washable! Yes, dogs do get dirty, even in Fashionable Utica Square! Petuka loves to go to the groomers and Stephen gives her a bath every week....but how nice will it be to wash the new cool slip covers? And always be clean!
Clean is a "good thing" as MS would say!

Our New Mailbox!

Our cape cod house is painted red....the trim is in green....front door and other highlights have the beautiful black raspberry paint! A very cool combination of hues!
Why did we need a new mailbox @ a home that was built in 1926?
Because Petuka loves to eat our mail....that's not a good thing, especially when you are expecting a HUGE refund from the IRS!
So the slot in the door is gone and now we get to use a key to get all that great junk mail.....

He Said, "Will You Marry Me?" She Said, "Yes!"

A few days ago on Morgan's 25th birthday she bacame engaged to boyfriend Jarret!
We are soooooooo excited for the happy couple!

Marriage is one of life's greatest adventures! ..... An adventure in happiness!
We love our niece Morgan and we really, really like Jarret! Wedding Bells are in the future!


Megan told me about this super creative artist couple who have a fun blog.....

She's going to be making these fun mustache sticks for Lauren's upcoming wedding....

There are lots of other fun stuff to see on "Something's Hiding In Here" blog!

Just click below to see for yourself!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone Says....You Gotta Love Beau.....

These people actually have "Beau Taylor" T-Shirts on???????
OMA! or OMGoodness?

180 Little Friends Came To Live With Us Today!

Blue Pansies with little yellow faces are now our official greeters! This Autumn, Winter & next Spring.....they will happily greet you when you walk up to our humble abode! And then, we'll open our black raspberry front door and we'll be so very happy to see you!
Jane's version of a famous Tennyson Poem...

A flower in the Taylor's garden,
I plucked you out of a Home Depot flat,
I hold you here, root and all, in my hand,
Little flower--but if I could understand
What you are, root and all, and all in all,
I should know what God and man is.......
Gardening can be quite an inspiration...enough to re-write Tennyson!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's a big "Birthday Weekend" for our family!

All of us are wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Both cousin Morgan & Uncle Pete are celebrating the day they were born!
Love ya guys......always.... "the fam"!!!
Isn't this a cute picture of Megan with the birthday duo!
Morgan is a quarter of a century old and Pete joins the "double nickels club"!!!!

Dillan Turns 10 Months Old!!!!

And ..... we are so proud of her accomplishments so far in her young life!

Yeah Dillan!!!!
She's already capturing the attention of the handsome young men in her life!
(note to Dillan....everyone will be mesmerized by your beauty and personality....the rest of your life!!!!)
Stay cool!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Afternoon @ The Movies....

Coney Island Hot Dogs & AMC!!!!!

Can anybody trust this guy?

Logan Chitwood

Beau and Logan

Are best friends.....Logan is part Osage Indian!

The Osage Gray Horse Dances...2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Premium Organic Teething Biscuits!

Vanilla Biscuits for Teethers!
Dillan is a full fledged teether right now! We gave her a biscuit and she loved it....but oh, they can be really messy!

Of course, Petuka had to get in on the action!

Monday's 4.43 inches of rain breaks record......

I've been hanging out with best friend Lynne the past two days! On Monday Lynne took me to lunch and then we spent the afternoon @ her old house cataloging the beautiful antiques she'll be taking to her new country estate!
All afternoon we saw lightning, heard thunder while it rained over 4 inches! When I had to leave, Lynne graciously offered me an umbrella but, I opted for a 1950's pot that had belonged to her Mom!

Yesterday I drove out to the countryside to her house on the hill and we re-arranged furniture and envisioned the final move! And then she took me to lunch again! Wow! Thanks Lynne....I had fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Presley Calls Megan Auntie Tay Tay....

Presley is the cutie pie blonde model in the Gap tent! It makes me want to buy Gap kid PJ's....do you? Christmas will be upon us before you know it! Presley is adorable... not just in her famous pictures with Gap! Happy Birthday Presley!
Cozy, Cute & Going Fast....................

Cute Picture But....

I used the square white cloth diapers with my children, only because paper diapers were expensive back then....these new cloth diapers are really cute, especially on a old fashion clothes line!

But.... this Grandma Tay can afford paper ones now and I have a dryer too...I wouldn't go back to cloth even if you paid me! I'll go green in just about every other way! Hello? I have a Kindle 2!
Remember the giant diaper pins?
P.S. I did just stock up on Seventh Generation chlorine free diapers for Baby Dillan!
"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations"

Yeah.... Golden Hare!

Good news from Remington Racetrack!

I bet on a 10 year old colt that liked to run.....he lead the way the entire race and came in first! Thanks Golden Hare, we came home winners!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


A young couple in love with their sweet baby!
I wish Beau would always wear his hair this way....he has such great hair! (Like Grandpa Taylor) ... And Kim and Dillan are so pretty! I love this couple! I will claim them happily..... our family....Forever!~

Beautiful Grandma Gina & Baby Dillan!

Dillan is so lucky she has two other sets of grand parents! This is Grandma Gina (Kim's Mama) with sweet baby Dillan! Now you know where Kim and Dillan get their good looks!

I stole this picture from Gina's Facebook post..... it was titled, "Check out Dillan's new doo!!" I know GMA Gina & Grandpa Wizard are enjoying Dillan and much as Abuelo & I.....

New IPhone App......A Sports Fans Must! "SPORTACULAR"

Stephen thanks Uncle Jimmy for telling him about this IPhone app....it's the BEST for finding out the scores! And it's free!

We were gone a week and......

Dillan's hair is blonder, longer and curlier.....she's WALKING....she climbed all the stairs up to the second floor of our house ...she added "DUCK" to her vocabulary, along with a zillion other new syllables! What a difference a week makes!
For three days in a row this bundle of joy came over and shared her loving spirit with us last week....life is good!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A New Heart Enters Our Life

It's true... it's called Game Day in these parts....I thought he would get out the nails and hammer after the weekend games were over .....WHAT A GREAT HUSBAND I HAVE!! Giving someone a heart can make them want to take it to heart!

More Birthday News.....

Cousins Marty and Jane are holding their newborn grandson... NOAH ....he was ten weeks old the evening he and his parents showed up for the 60th birthday festivities! I don't have a picture of Chris and his wife, Erin... (they are adorable and recent graduates of Cal Lutheran University)....Okay Rouse family....I need a cute picture of the young couple with their sweet baby Noah!

This is cousin Jane with her son Brian....he couldn't come to the big birthday party for Stephen, because he just started his 2nd year @ Oregon State! Go orange & black Beavers!

JANE is Uncle Kenny's daughter...one of Grandma's many brothers!


A friend of ours from Columbia dropped by this morning with a dozen giant homemade tamales!!!

Columbia NOT Mexican Tamales!!!!!

She also brought some homemade salsa that her husband made......
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!
I think maybe we should have a TAMALE PARTY!!!!

Duvets & Tablecloths!

I know that you probably shouldn't buy a round tablecloth for a square table, BUT it looks so cute! We love it! We keep a thick piece of glass over our table so we can always have a pretty & clean tablecloth!

This soft and cuddly duvet goes perfect with our new black raspberry walls in our master bedroom! That's not our bed of course, ours is so way more cool! And don't forget our new plush memory foam mattress....well, let's just say....we are sleeping like babies!

Under our glass top we have an eclectic group of Frida Kahlo photos! Some day I'm going to send Megan to Mexico City so she can go to the Frida Kahlo museum! Maybe I'll just go with her!!! ?

It's soooooo good.......

We bought a loaf to take home! Yes, Wild Fork sells their famous sourdough bread, made fresh daily!
We shared one half with Beau...so yummy?

Extravaganza 2009

Stephen is doing the Extravaganaz 2009 (football picks)....but hasn't had much luck....he needs advice from football experts Beau and Kim!

We were hanging out @ Leon's On The Restless Ribbon last night and found out that Beau & Kim were hanging out down the street @ In The Raw.... so they came up and joined us for a few laughs! Cute picture of the Taylor guys!!!!

Come Join Us Tomorrow Sunday September 20th, 1:30 pm Remington Park Race Track!

How to Wager
Winning @ Remington Park Is Easy As 1-2-3!

State the Race # that you would like to wager on.
State the DOLLAR AMOUNT of your wager.
Tell the TYPE OF WAGER you wish to make (Win, Place, Show, Trifecta, etc. ).
State the NUMBER of the horse or horses from the program, on which you wish to bet.
Example: "I would like to make a wager at Remington Park." "I would like to bet $2 to win on number 3." "Please give me a $2 Exacta, 7 and 3."

See ya there! We are definitely feeling lucky!!!!!!!

The Taylors Love To Shop!

We also hit LuluLemon.......what a great store!

I want this cool globe soooooo much! You can order it for me from Antropologie! Can't you picture it in our crazy fun house?

What's inside of those giant shopping bags?
Megan's already posted on her blog some of the great stuff she went home with on our shopping spree...."our" goodies will be posted soon! We always have fun spending good hard earned money!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aunt Jean & Janet D'Andrea.....

I know the picture is a little blurred but.... I love these two relatives! Aunt Jean is the Mother of Paula and Janet is the sweetest cousin of all time! So my photo skills are lacking but I captured the essence of of the moment! We love them both and... we loved seeing them at the party! Thanks for coming!

Laugh, Smile & Live....

Barry & Serene & Gavin & Mia & Jess Arrive On The Skydeck!

Gavin and Mia....a Shade rooftop delight! A black & white horizontal cool couple!

Mia was Meg's "roomie" @ UCSB & in NYC & in hip Los Feliz until she married dear Gavin! I think they will be Best Friends forever! Notice how beautiful Mia is looking? Gavin & Mia are expecting baby girl Dahlia on Christmas Eve!

Now meet Barry & Serene ...Mia's parents! They are the TOP real estate agents in Manhattan Beach and we first met them when we signed for the "girls" first apartment in Santa Barbara! They are so fun and we really appreciated them coming to wish Stephen a happy 60th! Jess also came....showing off her gorgeous engagement ring! Jessica is Mia's younger sister! It was good to see you Jess, we wish we could have met the lucky young man!

Barry & Serene...the cooliest couple in Manhattan Beach!