"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ice Cream & Driller Baseball....

Abuelo & Dillan shared a yummy ice cream cone at the baseball game!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Gardening Weekend ...

Yes, 10 bags!
10 bags of BLACK mulch!!! And we probablly need more!
Black mulch is so dark and rich looking!
Our flower garden beds are looking so nice!

After having breakfast with our dear friends @ the Blue Moon Cafe in trendy Brookside ... we headed over to the famous Tulsa Garden Club for the annual Cacti & Succulent Society of Tulsa Sale & Show! Like years past, we picked up some pretty cool pieces of living cacti art! We bring them in during the winter to adorn our little house... but they flourish outside during the summer months!

This new member screams "Why"!!!!!! It's pretty cool!
Y Y Y great cactus!

We bought this temperature gage @ Restoration Hardware a few years ago, can you guess why?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Could It Be? We Have A Hat Baby!!!!!

Dillan sported this soft pastel pink bonnet to a luncheon with Abuelo & Tay Tay today!

Abuelo needs to stick to the baseball hats!

Do they make baby Kaminski hats? A baby Erik Javets hat?

We had a lovely lunch with Dillan this afternoon!
Some of her charming ways in a crowded room are ...personally saying "Hi" to everyone in the room & personally saying "Bye" to everyone as we leave! She won the "Miss Congeniality" award today!

Stephen Brought Me Flowers Today!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Love Going To Breakfast!!!!

We parked our little Mini Cooper and there was this goose....alone and curious!

Then I decorated my breakfast to look ever so happy before I consumed my yummy bacon & eggs!

Breakfast of champions!
Need at least 10 bags of mulch!!!
Tomorrow's project!

Hot Diggity Dog!!!

Beau & Dillan having fun!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lookin At Lucky Wins The 2010 Preakness Stakes! Yes, Yes, Yes...

Yes, Yes, Yes ... my dear husband was a big time winner this evening! Horse # 7.... Stephen was delightfully in awe as "Lookin At Lucky" won the Preakness! Congratulations Stephen! Now it's time to go collect the money and celebrate! We are so proud of your horse racing savvy ways!


Dillan is getting to be more and more fun because you can take her with you to just about anywhere! She loved the Border's book store and loved helping Abuelo pick out his new book to read! There is nothing sweeter than seeing your husband relaxing out on the deck on a warm springtime day....just reading to the sounds of nature!

Siamese Penny Cat....

I love cats because they purr, they snuggle warmly in your lap, they know how to give themselves a bath, they meow instead of bark and they know the value of a good nap!

Who Knew Grocery Shopping Could Be So Glorious?

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy!
Abuelo, Dillan & I ventured off to our favorite grocery store....Whole Foods!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tornado Alley!

It's that time of year again when the cold air from the north meets the warmer air from the gulf and we here in Tulsa expect a lot of thunderstorms! Our house has been standing since 1926 and we do have a large basement....so we sometimes think the old Indian legend must be true! Tulsa is nestled next to the river and the tornadoes stay away!

We love the thunder and lightning and we just keep our fingers crossed that we never hear the sirens!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Look Who's On Jury Duty!!!!

Stephen was a little nervous this morning as he headed off to jury duty! He takes the process very seriously....but on the other hand he really hopes they dismiss him ASAP!
Good Luck Stephen!

Mother's Day Juicy Style!

I have the best children! I was sad that Megan couldn't join us but she was here last weekend and we had the greatest time!!

Kim & Dillan walked in with a vase full of the loveliest flowers for me! And.... the sweetest framed picture collage! I love it!

Grill master Beau showed up with all the food! I didn't have to lift a finger and that was just wonderful!

We played outside, we played inside! We sat around our new round table and ate and laughed and enjoyed just being together! We topped the evening off by dipping fresh strawberries in hot dark chocolate ..... so good!
Thank you for such a special Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coach Taylor & Friday Nights Lights....Back Again!

You FNL fans have to be as excited as the rest of us! We recorded the show since Stephen was off @ the bedlam OU vs OSU baseball game last night @ the new Baseball Stadium ... twas a record crowd by the way! We watched SNL this afternoon before the Laker BB game came on and were intrigued by the new plot!
I love TV that Stephen and I can enjoy together!
He wishes I watched 30 Rock more often and I wish he watched Modern Family....

Went To The Movies Today! Babies!

We were so blessed to see sweet Dillan every single day this week! We love her so! You can imagine why we wouldn't hesitate to see a movie about babies! : >)

I was a little depressed today but Stephen (Bless His Heart) got me up and going and took me to the Blue Moon Cafe and then to see this amazing documentary called "Babies"!!!! Having just had the wonderful experience of seeing Dillan grow the past year and a half....as the sweetest baby EVER, we especially liked this film! You see the growth of 4 babies from 4 different parts of the world! Africa, Japan, Mongolia & the USA.... from birth until they all start walking! Incredibly, the growth of babies doesn't differ much in spite of the circumstances of your birth! There are no words spoken in the movie, it's mostly visual but it's just the truth about a baby's first year of life! I don't know that I would have been anxious to see this film if Meg & Beau were teenagers BUT it appropriately came out on Mother's Day Weekend! Babies, the movie & real life Babies are just so .....no words....experience both if you can!
P.S. I love babies!

Happy 90th Birthday Mom!

Truth be told, I had a "FUN" Mom! When I was little she worked in a book store and encouraged us to read! She then owned a Wig & Beauty Shop on Central Ave in Albuquerque! For years I never knew what color her real hair was because she wore a different wig everyday to advertise! She loved to sew, like alot of Moms did back then...to have a ready made outfit from a store was a real treat for me! It was a Cardinal Sin to use her sewing scissors for anything but cloth! She even sewed most of my "trousseau" when I married Stephen in 1973! She raised four crazy kids, I was the youngest! Both my Mom & Dad graduated from OU, so I grew up with big time "Sooner Fans"! Mom's major was Drama....and that alone can explain alot of things about my Mom! She had a great sense of humor!!! A dramatic flair for everything in life! Above all else she wanted us to have and use our common sense! After I married she moved back to the family's home town, El Reno, Oklahoma! As a widow in a small town she stayed active by selling real estate, leading roles in the community theater, her church and yes....bridge club! She came to visit us in California every year... she loved to go to garage sales & to antique stores... Beau & Meg call her "Garnie" She was very creative and loved arts & crafts! She always had a kitty cat! Her name is Dorismae Beecham Watts....her father was a book keeper and her mother was a piano teacher! Mom loved politics and she faithfully read her bible every morning! Today she turns 90 years old!!!!! Wow!!!!

I drove down to see Mom the other day to wish her a Happy Birthday and a Happy Mother's Day! She didn't understand, she didn't know who I was and she doesn't remember anything about the past 90 years of her life. She had a little pony tail on top of her head like the way we put baby Dillan's hair up! She chit chats sometimes but it's all a jumble of things....she's not sad or angry.... she actually seems rather happy in a way? She has been bedfast for 5 years and I often wonder what it would be like to never be vertical again? As I was leaving, I reached down to hug & kiss what's left of my 80 lb frail Mother and I told her that I loved her and she said she loved me too!
Alzheimers Disease

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taylor Bowling & Go Cart Riding!

I just had to put our fabulous Sunday to a slideshow featuring KeeSha's Tic Tock!!! There was no alcohol involved but the beat to the song is so much fun! Enjoy!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Need I say more? Bowling is fun for a family get together! I love our family and it was fun to join up and not eat! We all burned some calories!!! Yeah!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Who's That"?????

That's Auntie Meggie!

Megan was so exited when we picked her up from the airport with sweet Dillan in tow! Back to the house for some Auntie/Niece bonding!

A Wild Breakfast @ WildFork In Fashionable Utica Square!

My hat's too big but my oh my....Megan & Stephen look so very nice! It was a very special breakfast with good friends Bob & Rhonda.... we laughed and had the best camaraderie! It was a breakfast of champions for Megan and Me ... because we then left to ride in our own personnel Kentucky Derby!

Meg & Janie Back In The Saddle Again!

Megan and I had so much fun horseback riding! We drove to the Sequoya National Forrest to the stable! I rode Charlie & Meg was riding Moe! It was a beautiful day and the scenery was lush & green....we spotted a lot of deer! We took a lot of photos so I just had to turn the pictures into a slide show set to our old favorite song by Gene Autry!

Back In The Saddle Again! We are having so much fun with Megan!

Megan Out On The Town.....

Megan was asked out to dinner by some of the younger girls in our family! Then they went bar hopping!

Megan & Cousin Morgan!

Megan hanging with Kayla, Morgan & Mindy!

Megan and her beautiful "sister in law" Kim!