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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not The Ordinary Saturday Morning Breakfast With Bob & Rhonda!

Yep That's me with some pretty purple elbow length knitted mittens! I was so surprised when Rhonda handed me a birthday present! And ... ever so pleased when I opened the box! Her beautiful daughter Amber is a Rhodes Scholar knitter! Thank you Amber for letting me benefit from your artistic talents :) I love them!
And Thank you Bob & Rhonda for thinking of me on my upcoming 58th birthday!! We look forward every Saturday to our breakfast soirees!
P.S. Happy 30th Birthday to Amber!

A Pawnee Birthday Adventure!

My friends took me to Pawnee Oklahoma to celebrate my birthday!

With Lynne & Gail :)
We went to the world famous "Clicks" for lunch! I got to try a cheeseburger "Pawnee" style!

Clicks is famous for their funky meringue pies!

Who would have thought that "Dick Tracy" originated out of this sleepy little town?

Does anyone remember the old Rexall Drug stores? Paynee still has one on Main Street!

You just can't go to Pawnee without visiting Buffalo Bill's Ranch!

The Pawnee Bill Ranch was once the show place of the world renowned WILD WEST SHOW entertainer!

Buffalo Safari! We drove through the ranch and sometimes were just a few feet from these beasts!

There were hundreds of them roaming the ranch!

Some of them would even get on the little road and block our path!

This big guy practically put his head in the back seat window where I was sitting in Lynne's car!

I'm not sure if they even have tails? But that is a sign posted in a window in downtown Pawnee?

Long Horn Steers?

It was a really crazy fun day and only my two crazy fun friends could have thought of such a crazy fun birthday escape!

Lynne & Gail definitely "LIT A FIRE" under my otherwise pretty boring life!

Thank You ... Thank You... Thank You!

The Disney Princess Live Show Was Simply Fabulous!

Watch this short video of Dillan getting her Cinderella Doll.... Pure Delight!

There had to be at least 500 or more little girls dressed in a Princess dress.... Every Disney Princess dress was represented! Lots of glass slippers & tiaras and magic wands! Dillan watched the entire show with the prettiest & sweetest smile on her face, she was in awe and full of fascination! The stories of Cinderella :) SnowWhite & The Seven Dwarfs :) and Beauty & The Beast :) magically presented by Mickey & Minnie and a few other favorite Disney Characters! I even shed a few tears during Beauty & The Beast! I had never seen the movie!

From what I hear ... Our sweet little 3 year old Princess Dillan took a nap just like a cuddly little bear in hibernation would have... after the show! Upon awakening, she was whisked away to a birthday party that included a clown & magician and lots more of happy stimuli ....
So are you wondering if Dillan's Abuelo loved all of this? Probably as much as our sweet "Dill Pickle" :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Beginning Of The Saga Of Dillan And Her Little Sister!

Dillan was so excited to be having a baby sister (that's what she wished for) ....for some reason she wants a little baby sister and she gets one in June! Maybe even around Aunt Meg's birthday !!! We are all so excited for Beau & Ashley, they just moved into a really fabulous house with an ever so special room for Dillan!

This Was So Far The Greatest Movie Of The Year!

Stephen and I absolutely loved this movie and we highly recommend it to EVERYONE! Please go see it NOW! Before the Academy Awards! In fact go see all of the nominees! It's really a fun year to compare and figure out great movie stuff! Once again, it just doesn't surprise me anymore now... how Stephen tends to cry at movies... once again he got very emotional and I dearly love him for his inner sweetness :) Of course, it seemed to be mostly over the wonderful dog ... who should have been nominated! The Artist was really a great movie!

I Love Beau & Dillan Together, It's Harmony!

Friday, January 20, 2012

What Gift Has Providence Bestowed On Man That Is So Dear To Him As His Children?

Thank You Kerrri :)

My longtime dear friend Kerri & her husband Jim are making a permanent move to the wilds of Livingston, Montana! She lovingly offered this beautiful crystal chandelier to us and we had it installed in our entry way this week! Thanks to Picnik I made the otherwise pretty boring picture into a happy face.... Thanks Kerri & Jim! You made us very happy with your generous gift!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Friday Date Movie

The poignant message of bravery, loyalty and love are delivered throughout the movie ... we shed a few tears!

The First Lady Is Back!

Ziegler's Frame shoppe promised we'd have "Stop Action Reaction" hanging on our wall in two weeks and I'm happy to say we did! It definitely makes a POP amongst our other famed collection of art!

I'm So Looking Forward To.......

I'm heading out to LA in a few weeks to hang out with Megan and help with her annual Valentince Card making party! Yeah!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Once A Princess, Always A Princess!

Little girls love so many things! We are so totally embracing Dillan Princess-ness! Because we know that she will always be a Sweet Princess to us! Just like her Aunt Megan is still our Princess too! Two Princess Taylors, what a Kingdom!

Forget Dora The Explorer... Forget Yo Gabba Gabba! Even Toy Story is fading a bit! It's the Princess phase in this little girl's life! After wandering around the Disney store in rapture .... Princess Dillan actually wore the Cinderella wedding gown, glass slippers and veil out of the store! People passing by Dillan continued to comment on how beautiful she was ...If they didn't, she would stop and ask them, "Do I look pretty?" And then low and behold there appeared in her sight, a Merry Go Round with sparkling lights! Sooooooooo we took the trip fantastic! There are some moments in your life when time stands still, you forget your cares and woes and just live in the moment! Think about it? It always happens on a Carousel :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bill's Jumbo Burgers ... Next Door To Thelma's Bar!

I wonder who Thelma is? Was she Bill's wife? Or is it just another shack next door to Bill's?

We'd heard the "food buzz" that this run down burger joint was going to be featured on National TV!

We'd seen it along the freeway in a pretty shabby part of town ... And never ever never thought about sampling a Bill's Jumbo Burger until ......

Friends that know of my quest for the perfect cheeseburger actually double dared us to try one!

So yesterday on a quiet Monday we pulled up into their parking lot and much to our surprise, we couldn't even find a place to park! We parked next door at Thelma's bar! We had to wait for over 20 minutes for a Bill's special and because there is virtually no place to sit (a few stools inside and some picnic tables outside) we dined in our car!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little More Taylor Highlights!

I didn't expect that we would join our Saturday morning breakfast friends but Stephen insisted and I think it did him wonders! Dilly Deli was delicious as awhiles! On their menu they have a dish called Meg & one called Beau? How crazy is that?

Abuelo & Tay Tay love our IPAD cuddle time on the big bed with Dillan! She loves all the Princess videos and lately she has asked for Cinderella or Snow White! Some how the Betty Boop Cinderella cartoon always comes up and the song just keeps sticking in all of our minds ....
"I'm just a poor Cinderella, nobody loves me but me" When Abuelo sings it Dillan goes crazy because HE just can't be Cinderella!

Stephen saw these socks at SAK'S 5th Ave on Christmas Eve Day and loved, loved them! Some how a little Elf named Megan had them under the tree the next day! Fun socks!

The sweetest little old ladies of Tulsa make these books at the church! They are called Quiet Books! They show wee ones how to zip, tie a shoe, braid hair, match shapes, counting wheels of buttons, how to tie a bow, button a shirt & to tell time the old fashion way!

I suspect I'll have these house shoes forever! I love Ugg boots so I know I'll love these comfy round about slip ons!

Of course New's Years was pretty boring here! But we had Dillan just about the time she was to go to her bed ....The perfect place to drop off your Grandkids on the last day of the year! The young at heart go on to parties and celebrations! We all fell asleep together and in the distance we heard fireworks exploding and going bang.... and we fell asleep welcoming the New Year in our dreams!