"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 34th Birthday To Beau Taylor!

 You have been an amazing son when you were on the grid or wrestling!  Always nice to everyone you knew in school!

 You were such a sweet little boy and everyone always loved and showered you with hugs and kisses!  By the way, everyone still does!

 You are 34 years old and becoming an amazing hard working man!  Keep steadfast!  Take care of your family and the ones you love and never forget to tell them how you feel!

You were the most loving and giving child!  And Dillan seems to be following in your footsteps! Charlie too will become a incredibly great part of your life!  Set examples for your children in earnest!
Back in 1978 we didn't know if you would be a girl or a boy!  Your Dad was the first person to hold you and the Doctor said, "It's a Boy" and we (your Mom & Dad) said in unison, "No!! It's a Beau"!!!!
( "sweetheart, lover, darling, partner,significant other, escort, young man, admirer, suitor; informal mainsqueeze, boy toy") are the definition of your name! 
 But only you can claim your name, your spirit, your soul.... choose carefully for your own legacy!  Try and become wise about just basic things, it will come naturally the older you get.  Always do your best, Always speak the truth, do not assume anything and don't take anything personal!!!  The four rules to happiness in this life!
And the most important thing ....you have been our most wonderful Son!  When you live 34 more years you will be 68!  Good Luck & please live a life well lived... follow the wonderful soul you already have!  Love Always!  Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We Love Wednesdays ....Tonight Is Tuesday...& We Can't Wait To See Dillan Tomorrow!

Where can we take her tomorrow?  The zoo or our own back yard?  She has been wanting me to pull out all of my stamps.... that might be exciting... we bought her a water color venue last week?  Abuelo & I just want to give her lots of love and attention!  Pretty Simple Love!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Splash Park @ The River's Edge!

When we picked up Dillan yesterday we came with the Frida Kahlo beach bag full of water park essentials (swimsuit, fresh blueberries & grapes, towels & drinks & my camera) ... she had so much fun and certainly burned off some 3 year old energy!

To The Most Beautiful Daughter In The Entire World!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Babies & Bullets By Dillan & Janie Taylor

It's a funny story!  Lynne gave me a box of bullets a few years ago for my birthday!  I did have them displayed in a crystal bowl for awhile......now I'm giving them back because we don't have any guns.... but not before I take this picture!
Babies & Bullets

Another Kiddie Park Bartlesville Adventure!!!!!

We rented the hotel room just so Dillan & Abuelo could get a little swimming time in..... Abuelo needed to do his exercises and Dillan needed to refresh her swimming school abilities from last summer  Thanks to Kim!  I think she is ready for summer fun!  

She was back into her Daddy's arms the next morning early!  She really loves her new baby sister!  And she is Wanting to take Charlie to Kiddie Park ASAP!  Well, maybe in two years?

I Love Happy Times!!!

Beautiful Megan

Check out www.lastnametaylor.com for more fun photos of Megan attending a Polo game gala!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye May, Hello June

May 2012 has been a great month!  Stephen is in tip top shape after his April hip replacement, we have enjoyed planting flowers in the garden, we had lots of fun time with Dillan.... but most of all we now have another Grand Daughter, Charlie!

A Smiling Charlie Jane Taylor 2 Weeks Old

Happy Birthday BF Lynne!

Lynne and I have been friends since the mid 70's!  It was wonderful celebrating her special day with everyone@

A Very Sweet Picture Of Ashley & Baby Charlie Jane

Everything is going just splendidly with Mother & Child!