"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Green Thumb Baby! It's in The Genes!

Dillan comes from a very long line of exquisite gardeners from the "old country" ...Her Great, Great, Great Grandpa was brought over to California to create gardens in Southern California! Then you have Grandpa Charles ....The sweetest man that ever walked the earth (If you ever have the pleasure of touring the UCLA Campus) Then think of our Dear Grandpa!!

Just An ordinary Tuesday!

Who's Dora The Explorer? A cartoon from the Nickelodeon TV channel!

I received this interesting e-mail from Uncle Jimmy!

The Los Angeles Lakers vs The Oklahoma Thunders!

Stephen pulled out his most favorite thing that Megan ever game him ....his Laker basketball flag! The Lakers & the Oklahoma Thunders are battling each other in the NBA playoffs and he just had to toot around town with the flag attached to our car!
I tooted with him up to The Wildfork Cafe to share a breakfast omelette! We then picked up Dillan for a fun day of activities! First off to Target.... Dillan came home with the Dora The Explorer water fun bath toys & Boots (the monkey)!!!

A new statue has been placed over at Woodward Park called "Poems And Promises"..... so when Dillan woke up from her afternoon nap we strolled the two blocks over to see the lady reading Shakespeare in Ann Hathaway's herb garden! Ann Hathaway was William Shakespeare's wife and we have a very old drawing of her cottage (inherited from Stephen's side of the family).... hanging in our living room! The Ann Hathaway herb garden has been in Woodward Park for years ....the bronze statue is a lovely addition!

Abuelo & Dillan....heading home from the park....Petuka enjoyed the outing too!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kylie's Baby Shower Slideshow!

The Costume Closet!

On Sunday I had the great pleasure of being invited to go through the "Costume Closet" of the Edwards clan! For over 50 years the family has maintained a closet full of all sorts of crazy costumes for various parties! Michelle & Co are modeling some of the accessories! I came home with a bag of goodies for Megan....some 60's & 70's outfits she can redesign! Meg will be here for a fun filled visit this coming Thursday!!!!! Yeah!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just In....More Baby Shower Pictures!

I have two very special "Best Friends" here in Tulsa and when we "Moved Back" we just connected like I hadn't been gone for 25 years! I really love their children and I was very honored to be apart of hosting this baby shower for Lynne's daughter, Kylie!
She's so pretty and she will LOVE being a Mama!

Oh yes, even Siamese Penny Cat loved the shower, especially the ribbons on the balloons!

I have to include this picture of Kylie's Grandma Vivienne....she is a VERY special lady! She is my friend Lynne's Mom and will be Isaac's GREAT Grandma! There were two other soon to be GREAT grandma's at the shower on Jacob's side of the family! I was so "transformed" by being a Grandmother myself.... I can't even imagine Dillan growing up and getting married and me going to HER first baby shower??? So special!

Jacob's Mom and Petuka! When Petuka jumps upon a chair we call her "Our Paris Doggie" !! She was wonderful throughout the 3 hour shower... no one stepped on her and she especially enjoyed any food that was accidently dropped on the floor! Thanks Petuka for cleaning up after all of us!

Sophie & another sweet little girl were perfect angels.....except when they re-arranged the "Duck Bathroom" upstairs (te he) and picked quite a few blue pansies out front in the flower bed.... oh well, they didn't know they had just encouraged the plants to grow even more flowers! Actually they could have nibbled on the flowers because pansies are quite popular in salads these days!

This is Jacob's sister....soon to be Isaac's Aunt! I don't know who's baby she is holding but I thought this picture was super cute! And the two of them are adorable!

Kylie is just about ready to POP! She can't cross her legs any longer! She told me today that she went home after the shower and took the longest nap, I guess being 8 months pregnant & opening zillions of presents can be very exhausting! She did get some of the cutest things for baby Isaac....Kylie's freinds and family were very generous! And so they should be! This baby is going to be absolutely adorable!

Kylie and her older sister Kelsey are as snug as bugs....always have been! My dear friend Lynne, raised TWO of the most lovely daughters! Kelsey's Husband Sam just finished "boot camp" and they will be stationed in Sunny California!

That's me! The hostess with the mostest & Sweet Baby Mama Kylie!

Baby Showers are so much fun.... offer to have them whenever you can....you won't regret the pleasure!

Baby Showers Are Always So Much Fun!

Kylie will be presenting baby Isaac the first week of June! Can't wait!

A Wistful Smile......

Having eaten every ripe cherry tomato from her Nanny's backyard plant.....
Dillan loves tomatoes and her Mother hates tomatoes? Go figure?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Fern Day!

Abuelo, Dillan, Petuka & I came home with 7 giants ferns for the backyard deck!!!

Soooooooooooo pretty!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Jacob is the Daddy and Sweet Kylie is the Mama to be.....It's a BOY! They have already named this sweet little baby boy! His name is Isaac and he is expected to make his debut in early June!

Baby Jacob is on your left & Baby Kylie is on your right! They were the "CUTEST" Babies! Isaac will be the most amazing adorable little baby boy! Looking at these two...what do you think baby Isaac will look like?

The Baby Brunch shower is next Saturday! We have some fun games planned like....
Guess the measurement of Kylie's waist! Wrap your tape measure around that one!
Every one gets a chance at a super duper prize.... we are pinning a clothsline pin on everyone and when anyone says the word "BABY" they can steal it off the person who verbally said "BABY"!!!! The most clothspins, the winner!
Last but not least, we are going to have everyone write down some baby advise for Kylie on index cards...maybe words of wisdom from all of us old time Mothers and new time Mothers? Emily has picked up a cute scrapbook to put all the "advise" into....Jungle theme! Monkeys, Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This entire week we have had day after day of such fun! Our new dining room table & chairs arrived!! They look smashing! We had lunch with Beau, Kim & Dillan @ Smashburger! Dillan came over to play almost everyday! I got to eat one of the best cheeseburgers ever! (Fat Guy's Burger Bar) Stephen watched alot of great hockey, basketball & baseball games! We enjoyed the nice weather and spent time outside! We went to the movies! I did lots of creative things for the upcoming baby shower I'm hosting next Saturday! Yesterday Kim, Dillan & I hit some garage sales ....then dropped Dillan off to spend some time with Abuelo... so we could go shopping! Last night we dining in Fashionable Utica Square with Pete & Kathie @ Stonehorse...catching up on family news!
Oh happy days!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Megan & Richard Simmons....Sweating To The Oldies!

Megan and friends went to Richard Simmons work out class this morning in Los Angeles! Woo Woo!

The ladies are ready to shake with the best shaker of all.....sweating to the oldies but goodies! For one hour and 45 minutes!
Cost? 12 bucks!

Well, we all know Richard Simmons!!!!!! He's a legend! But what's he doing with my daughter??? Work out pose? Is he wearing panty hose? I'm glad you had fun Megan!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Afternoon @ The Movies....

A seemingly perfect family moves into a suburban neighborhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they're living there, they don't exactly come clean with their neighbors!!

Dillan Is Just Chillin.......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wake Up!

Not long ago, Beau asked if he could have the man out back that was sleeping under the pecan tree? I said, "Sure Beau"!!!! Take him to your house and give him a new place to sleep!

This snoozing little man has been asleep under a tree out back by our shed for over 7 years..... before that .....he slept in Shell Beach under a giant Poinsettia tree that was two stories tall... before that .....he slept in Westlake Village under a orange tree!!!! He has been asleep for a very long time!
Dillan seems to really like him! Word has it, they are working on a name for him!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fat Guys Burger Bar!!!!!!!!!!


New Dining Ensemble!

When Stephen and I first got married my Mom bought us an old oak square table (from a barn auction) ...this table has served us quite nicely these past 36 years! Then we had a "feng Shui" moment and knew we needed a ROUND table!
Feng Shui (in chinese thought) is a system of laws considered to govern spacial arrangements and orientation to the flow of energy!
The red leather dining chairs are quite comfortable and the color brings a nice energetic pop to our decor!
The ROUND hammered copper table will bring a circulating life force (chi) into our humble home!
Happy @ Home!

This Is Me!

Little Janie Watts!
Of course, I'm not sure how old I am in this picture?

Being the 4th and last child of my parents, there are very few pictures of myself!!!!
My older sister Ann had a million pictures taken of her.... my older sister Jill had about half a million pictures taken of her and then I think my parent's camera broke?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Playing Around!

I took Dillan to an old fashion birthday party in someone's back yard! They had lots of play stations and she even bounced on a trampoline!!! Yeah for birthday parties!

Dillan & Beau & Kim Enjoy The Drillers First Win Of The Season!

Baseball ..... America's favorite family pastime!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Is My Beautiful Daughter! She's The Prettiest! She Has The Most Loving Heart! She Has a New Hairdo! We Love You Megan Meredith Taylor!


Opening Night... The New ONEOK Driller Stadium!

Thursday night we attended "opening night" @ the new baseball stadium for the Driller's baseball team... Tulsa's hometown baseball team! It was really spectacular!

We have season tickets right behind home plate!
It's just too exciting!
The famous country western singer, Tim McGraw threw out the opening pitch!

The crowds were full of good cheer, the view of downtown Tulsa was awesome, the food was great!

The following night Stephen took his brother Pete, on Saturday night we gave our tickets to good friends Bob & Rhonda, this afternoon Beau & Kim took Dillan, tomorrow our next door neighbor Andy is going & then on Tuesday we'll head back for more peanuts and cracker jacks!!!!