"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OH Lollipop!

Abuelo & I picked up THE YUMMIEST lollipops @ Whole Foods!

I hope this song doesn't stick in your head all day :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pete's Birthday Bash @ Dalesandro's!

Dalesandro's is a family favorite and the BEST Italian food in town!

Stephen helped Dillan finger paint a birthday greeting for his brother!

We ordered a bottle of La Planeta Chardonnay to celebrate Pete's 56th birthday! Yeah!

Kathie's gorgeous scarf was purchased in Italy when Morgan was studying in Rome :)

It's always fun to hang out with Pete & Kathie! We are so lucky to live near family! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite brother-in-laws!

Friday, September 24, 2010


My nephew arrived and we all went down to Brookside for a family gathering ... Jaimie is having an amazing road trip! He's been through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and now he's here in Oklahoma :) We are so happy he's here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pottery Barn's Cardinal Duvet & Shams :) Lucky For Me I Got The Mail First Today!

Only close friends & family know that when Stephen gets the daily mail ... everything goes into the trash but the letters and bills!
Including catalogs and other various things a wife might enjoy going through!
But not today! I got there first!

I was leisurely flipping through the "Welcome Fall" catalog from Pottery Barn and came across this duvet set.... I showed it to Stephen and he especially liked it too! So lucky for me we have a Pottery Barn (next door to the new Anthropologie) just two blocks away in Fashionable Utica Square!
Ta Da ... Within an hour our guest bedroom was made up and ready for the next visitor :) Which by the way, is my famous nephew Jaimie Muehlhausen of Tony Hawk fame & fabulous musician! He's headed this way on a road trip from San Diego!

My Thursday Lunch With Friends!

Lynne & Co Edwards met me @ Ron's for lunch! It was so much fun catching up and just chatting away about our lives, children & grandkids .... Lynne showed up in her Mercedes Red Convertible, doesn't she look spectacular behind the wheel?

Oh, did I mention that Stephen tagged along (he loves my girlfriends)... He had to try out the Mercedes Red Convertible because, of course, he's thinking about getting me one sometime soon :)

This car is definitely good looking!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UG Fighter Buzz List ....Beau Taylor "One Man Army"! #6 Wow!

Beau "OMA™” Taylor #6 on UG Fighter Buzz List!
Each week they apply a proprietary algorithm to MMA activities on line ... like stats, search, voting and e-mail stories to friends etc ... to find out who the "Buzz" is about! Yeah Beau!

Even though Beau won his "World Champion Title" back in 2005 and is no longer fighting actively, he is making quite a BUZZ with his color commentary for the fights! Thanks to Shine Fights and Bruce Beck and all of Beau's colleagues and fans!

He's been known for his humor and trolling skills but now ... everyone is sitting up and taking notice because he actually knows his stuff about fighting! He is an all American College Wrestler and studied under & fought with Chuck Liddell on the central coast of California! His best friend then and now is fellow wrestler, Jake Shields, they remain close friends to this day! In his youth he spent one month at the University of Minnesota perfecting his wrestling skills at camp & then on to the legendary Dan Gables camp in Iowa! Nobody sincerely loves this sport like Beau Taylor!
And he's my son and I love him to pieces!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Say Prayers For A Rotisserie League Win For Stephen!

We'll win thousands of dollars:)
And he's promised to take me back to California to see Megan :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dill Pickle Has A Wee Cold!

She's feeling better each day... enough to have fun under the GIANT horse @ PF Changs last night! We dined outside in the exact same spot & table where Beau & Kim reconnected after knowing each other in high school & junior high in California back in the day! Was it coincidence, fate or destiny? To ramdonly meet 10 years later? And now they are married and we have the sweetest Grand Daughter In The World! :) :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gotta Love The Baby Products!

Stephen loves all sorts of quality spa products... he loves fancy soaps, shampoos & conditioners, having said that..... I brought home some baby products for Dillan and guess who has fallen "in love" with the Dora 3 in 1 bath wash (shampoo, conditioner & body gel) & the soothing baby bedtime bath bubbles! He swears by them! Gotta love the baby products!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beau Taylor & Bruce Beck!

The family gathered Friday night to watch the pay per view "announcing debut" of Beau Taylor with award winning Bruce Beck!

Dillan tried really hard to hug her Daddy through the TV :)

Beau was down right fabulous!

He was funny, witty, informative and very knowledgable about everything MMA!!!!

We so very proud of Beau and we would like to thank "Shine Fights" for giving him this opportunity!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 61 Mr. Stephen Christopher Taylor! You Are The Best....

You are the best friend I could ever have Stephen! This picture was taken one year ago! So many people showed up for your 60th birthday celebration on top of The Shade Hotel In Manhattan Beach! Your many extended cousins and relatives and friends were their to celebrate by eating cookies with your face upon them :) Both baby & adult! You are so many things to so many people that have known you throughout your life... Stephen Taylor ....I will always love you and celebrate your life... thanks for including me all these years!!

You are the best "Father in Law" to our dear Kim... whom we love with all our hearts! She listens to you about matters of the heart and football picks :)

You are the best and most generous man on earth! Thank you for showering me with flowers and love for so many years!

You are the best friend to so many people that are lucky to really know how wonderful you are!

Your are the best brother to Pete and it's been so nice living just a few miles apart from your one and only sibling :) Well, Hello .. Grandma @ Grandpa are loving it!!!!

You were the best pet owner and loving caretaker of our beloved Petuka... I know she's in heaven remembering the times you played with her and gave her so much love!

You are the best master of of a sweet siamese cat named Penny!

You are the best and most admiral Father to our lovable Beau! Out of 61 years, Beau has been lucky to have had you as a Father for 32 years & you are the best! I also love how much you appreciate him and how warm you feel when you are with him :) A great "Father/Son" Love!

You are the best and sweetest Husband to Jane for 37 years! Thanks honey! We have had such fun times and I'm looking to so many more!

You are the best and simply adoring Father to sweet Megan! You have been there for her each and everyday of her beautiful life and always will be.... you love your little girl!

You are the best and most amazing Grandfather to Dillan! You have been beyond incredibly amazing with our sweet Dillan! I am sure you are setting a new standard for being the best "Abuelo" of the universe!

And the grand finale ... Megan secured Richard Simmon's special tribute to you! Please check out lastnametaylor.blogspot.com to see more tributes to Stephen's birthday!

Happy Birthday Stephen My Love!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living Forever Egyptian Exhibit @ Philbrook Museum!

We had fun! Fun in a beautiful surrounding on the old estate of oil magnet Waite Phillips.... amid Egyptian artifacts dating back to 1700 B.C.! Thanks to the Brooklyn Museum for lending us this amazing exhibit to our very own Philbrook Museum...A jewel in Tulsa! Unfortunately Beau is out of town preparing for his big Pay Per View color commentary event for MMA on Friday evening! But the rest of us went to the Blue Moon @ noon and then on to see the Living Forever Egyptian exhibit! This slide show captures some of our happy moments of the day :)

Jen's Birthday Bash @ The Mermaid!

While vacationing this summer in the Manhattan Beach area ... we were lucky enough to be invited to Jen Peterson's birthday bash down on the Hermosa Pier! It was so much fun seeing Jen & Thatcher and all of their friends! We had the pleasure of attending their beautiful wedding in Palos Verdes a few years ago! They have an adorable daughter named Lola and Stephen and I are so happy they have remained close friends to Megan :) Birthdays are such fun!

Meg & Zach ... Going Steady!

Megan was in this high school musical at Westlake High School and has waited all her life to go steady with that special someone!
Bye Bye Birdie and congratulations to the happy couple!
I hope this song brings back some fun memories of high school plays and Ann Margaret movies?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Always Living Vicariously Through My Daughter!

Throughout the years I have always anxiously awaited that certain telephone funky ring every morning from Megan ... she is usually on her way to Starbucks, walking her darling Scotty Dog Walter! It's always exciting to hear what she did the night before in the ever exciting Los Angeles area... I have always worried that she wasn't getting enough sleep but... when I hear about the fabulous time she had that night before... I always say... you can catch up tonight on your sleep Megan! She's been out having the time of her life with a certain young man that has made her forget about her beauty sleep! But that doesn't matter much because the young man seems to give her something more important than sleep! A sense of pure joy! Thanks to Zach for making Megan Taylor so happy!

What a cute couple!

Abuelo Brings Home His Grand Daughter An Olvera Street Souvenir :)

Stephen brought home this fiesta dress for Dillan this summer... isn't it adorable!!! We set it aside for a month or so thinking it was way too big for her ... but as we found out ... much to our surprise!!! It fits her perfectly! We hope to take Dillan there some day on a trip to LA with her Mommy & Daddy! Often there is a Mariachi Band playing on the plaza! We can just see her dancing around!

Olvera Street is the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles, otherwise known as El Pueblo Historic Monument. The colorful village features 27 historic buildings with a traditional Mexican style plaza area! Wander around the marketplace and shop for souvenirs including handcrafted Mexican wares typical of old Mexico! That's just what Stephen did this summer before he headed over to see the Dodgers play the Mets with Megan this summer!
Stroll through this beautiful street and stop for the popular taquitos or tacos at the outdoor cafes. Olvera Street also offers a variety of traditional authentic Mexican cuisine, with delicious enchiladas, and other native dishes! Union Train station is across the street and is a lovely old place to wander around too! Our family have some joyful memories of going to Olvera Street off and on throughout the years :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Young Taylor Fun!

While Dillan and her parents attended the Cascia Hall vs Holland Hall football game last night ..... Stephen and I had the pleasure of dining @ the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant down on the restless ribbon with our favorites, Uncle Pete & Auntie Kathie!
A wonderfully fun evening!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bikes & Balls :)

Every Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 9:45 until 11:00 @ Whiteside Community Park children gather to play in the gym ... Dillan had a great time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stephen Catches A Baby Frog For Baby Dillan!

Stephen single handedly captured this little frog the other night! My suburban husband hunter then put it in a small container until Dillan could come over and see the frog! Dillan was facisnated by the real life frog! After it hopped around our deck and onto Stephen's newly acquired Niketown (Beverly Hills) hot yellow tennis shoes ........we reintroduced the little frog back into the wilds of our backyard!

Apple IPad, Abuelo & Dillan.....

Oh Wow! Albuelo has his Ipad out to play with!

He's downloaded a new app to help me learn my colors!

If I pick four colors correctly ... I get a sticker :)

We LOVE the new Ipad!