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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eyelashes Will Soon Be Abounding.....Latisse!

While Stephen has been away basking on the beaches of California (Manhattan Beach to be exact) ... Enjoying the luxuries of The Wave Hotel ... I have spent a little time @ what we called in the older days, "The Beauty Parlor"! Just alot of women sitting around being pampered and trying to look like all the movie stars in the zillions of rag magazines that are on every nook and cranny in the salon! I first had my roots done in blondish highlights to mesh with my ever increasing flash of real white hair... then I had it straightened to get rid of all the frizz that was creating a humid hair halo above my head! I noticed a few girls that had eyelashes put on ... they last about 6 to 8 weeks and looked really pretty! Maybe I will have them put on before we go to London, I thought to myself? Then I was distracted by the really ultra new cool nail polish that lasts for up to 3 weeks without ever chipping! I saw some examples and booked an appointment for the very next day (they look fabulous by the way)! Then the eyelash thing came up again and a client that was waiting showed me her ultra long lashes and told me where to pick up Latisse! I'm excited about trying out this new product! I hope to be "batting my eyelashes" soon and saying some demure southern lady quotes! Like.. "My, oh my .... it's just so Hot"! Maybe something a little more profound?  I'm done for now, except I need a pedicure desperately!  Stephen has been missed terribly, yet I have also enjoyed some wonderful alone time .... reading especially! (2 books since he left last Wednesday)  Kim, Dillan and I went for lunch (cheeseburgers my favorite) and then .... I put step into a Toy R Us for the first time in over 20 years.... it was so much fun!  Kim and I think we came home with some pretty good educational toys & a few things that have been inspired by channel 105...Nick!  Thank you Kim and Dillan for a wonderful lunch and afternoon!
I'm excited that Madmen starts tomorrow night.... just a few hours after my beloved Stephen comes home from his California trip!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beautiful Beau & Kim's Baby!

My Heart is melting with the loveliness of this sweet little girl!
I come here to find myself along side Dillan,
It is easy to get lost in her world!
She has taken her great candle and has gone into another room I want to be, full of childhood magic & love and light! But anyone can tell where she has been every day by all the lights she leaves behind!
Let no man or women imagine that they have no influence!
My life shall touch a dozen lives before this day is done....
but I was lucky to see Dillan and have my nose honked!

Nose Honking & Senior Tequila's!

On Monday Dillan came to visit while Beau & Kim went to see a movie show called Inception! She gleefully "honked" our noses all afternoon! Today we met up with Kylie & Baby Isaac & Grandma Lynne for lunch!

Baby Isaac slept through the entire Mexican feast! He didn't even open his eyes once, not even when Dillan tickled his itty bitty toes! Kylie was the most beautiful "Mother" and so in control! (I on the other hand looked like the frazzled Tay Tay ... rice & toddlers don't mix @ eating establishments) Lynne looked elegant, as usual!!! Having recently returned from family trips to Ohio and Texas!

Dillan warmed up to Gma Lynne & Kylie and showed off her superior verbal, social & motor skills! Including some "cool" tricks she learned on Yo Gabba Gabba.... the "infamous" spoon on the nose trick!

Thank you girls for a fun luncheon and for so graciously picking up the tab!!!! I'm glad I left before you so I didn't have to turn around and witness the huge mess Dillan and I made under the high chair!!! Thanks!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Past Week......

I didn't do much! I went to the gym a few times & ran a few errands ... talked with Megan on the phone everyday & started watching the old BBC tv show called "Upstairs, Downstairs"! I have ordered all 5 seasons on Netflix! I took my vitamins everyday & watered the plants out on the deck... it's been hot here like everywhere! I read a book called "The Blue Bistro" and started another one by one of my favorite authors, Anne Tyler! We had a new security system installed (so don't even think about breaking in to our house)!!! I kept up with the laundry ... washing, drying, folding and neatly putting everything away :) I studied up on fun things to do in London for our upcoming trip to Great Britain! I discovered Thomas everything bagel thins @ the grocery store! I played "Words With Friends" with Megan, Pizzledog, Banana Slugs & Emily everyday! I didn't buy any clothes, or presents or anything out of the ordinary! Penny the siamese cat ... sat in my lap alot, just like she's doing now, always purring sweetly! Every morning I read the paper from front to back, except for the sports page which Stephen claims the moment he awakens! I didn't talk to any of our neighbors but, it's been so hot that no one is chit chatting over the fence these days! I enjoyed checking out Facebook to see what everyone else is up to these lazy days of summer & discovered that everyone is having fun too! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vacations ... lots of lovely pictures! My favorite part of every day this past week has been Dillan Grace Taylor, age 20 months!
She came over everyday! Monday :) Tuesday :) Wednesday :) Thursday :) Friday :) and then of course we missed her yesterday and today! We are now desperately hoping that we'll see her again tomorrow! The thing about Dillan is that she puts you into this youthful and mellow mood! It just seems natural to chill out with Dillan ... discovering the things that she is noticing for the first time! Entertaining her with simple words and simple magical emotions & the smiles back and forth! She is just naturally so loving! Exclaiming "I Love It" ...cuddling into our bodies saying, "Oh Honey"..... my life now is being with Dillan whenever I can! That's all I want to be now... Tay Tay Grandma! I love thinking like and being a kid again with Dillan!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Caribbean Cruise!

Stephen and I cruised down to Brookside to try Hibiscus, the premium authenic Jamaican and Caribbean restaurant in our sea of food offerings!

I know one thing for sure from this experience, we'll be going back time and time again! It was truly amazingly great food!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Pioneer Woman!

Hop to her website from my blog and get ready to be hungry!  There seems to be a new generation of young wives & mothers that are looking for some "down home" cooking!

Yesterday I was fascinated by a Facebook post about this cookbook!  Someone wrote she had tried her meatloaf.... and then zillions of comments came with all sorts of yummy recipes her friends had tried from this cookbook!  I don't know Ree Drummond but still added her website to my blog friends list, and .... I bet I'll purchase the cookbook really soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just A Beautiful Taylor Family Day On The Lake!


We had such fun on the lake! We packed a cooler full of all sorts of treats ... chicken salad, tuna salad, fresh fruit, chocolate eclairs, chocolate milk, apple juice, salty chips, black bean dip & cheese! Four hours of snacking and jumping into the lake and swimming alot.... Dillan had fun floating in the water! We all agreed at the end of our boat ride that the best part was just relaxing and "being in the moment"!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th Of July 2010 ....Driller Baseball & Hotdogs & Fireworks!

The San Diego Chicken graced our new ONEOK stadium on the 4th of July!!!!  Our Driller mascot was dressed in this red, white & blue festive outfit ...his name is Hornsbe!
I stood in line and got the chicken to autograph my ticket to OMA!

We had a great time!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July Weekend Everyone!

Dillan saw this fun picture of Griffin & Graham today!  What a great idea to send out a Happy 4th of July Greeting!  It's up there with Christmas greetings! Dillan Grace is so sweet ...she knew her boy friend Griffin from the picture !