"Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken."

Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's This?

Stephen and I saw this great sign when we passed an art/boutique in Brookside the other day! When we went back the giant one was sold (someone else is living the dream too) ... so we have ordered the large one and I'm hoping to give this smaller one to Megan or someone else who thinks that their life is "DREAMY"!
Just saying ... it's not really hard living your dream! Stephen and I have been married almost 39 years and it does take a lot of effort to keep your dreams alive! Hello ... you have to commit to your dream every single day .... whether it be up or down ... but mostly follow your dream and try and live it........And be happy!

What's this?
Stephen and I went up to Fashionable Utica Square for breakfast at Wildfork this morning! So yummy! While Stephen was paying the bill, I ran into Snow Goose and found this cheeseburger IPhone cover! Still searching for the perfect cheeseburger! That's me!

Tip Toe Through The Tulips ... Mostly Enjoy Springtime!

Last Fall we planted pansies and with each one we dropped a tulip bulb at the bottom of the hole! We pretty much forget some of the things we do and then .... they pop up and surprise us with something that makes us just happy! That is definitely the beauty of our lives!

Here's Stephen waving to you all ... he probably did most of the work that lovely Autumn day in 2011 ... he was probably listening to the OU football game?
Fruition is something we should all remember and take heed! It might take a winter to see the spring give us back our endeavors ... but it's worth it to see the tulip!

Jane's Obsession With Birkinstock Sandals .... Has lasted At Least 30 Years!

I'm not sure when I started wearing them? But I was a size 7 back then and now I'm a size 8! Your feet just can't help but expand in their comfortness! I haven't worn high heels since and I even bought some dazzling ones to wear to my son's summer casual wedding! I'm a Birkenstock lady and I just ordered a new pair on line for the spring & summer of 2012 :)

RIP Uncle Charles

This is my Uncle Charles! My Mother's only sibling and my all time favorite Uncle! He was always so sweet and loving to me. He was really, really funny! He was a hero during World War 2 and was a career air force man, when he retired he was a Colonel! He flew over 200 missions to Berlin to deliver coal & food to their besieged citizens! After he retired in 1969 he returned to the University to get his masters degree in art! His sculptures and art are scattered all over the United States! He was also an actor .... starring in Chuckie Cheese commercials, and TV (Texas Walker Ranger & Dallas) and was even in a movie with Meg Ryan! He did lots of local theater, sang in the church choir and was beloved by all! I couldn't even begin to mention all the things he did in his lifetime, all the things he did to contribute to his community and to preserve history!
I talked with him just a few months ago right after he had turned 90 and he lifted my spirit, like he always has! Charles Beecham ... a life well lived :)

Coming Soon ... Tickled Pink Baby Shower!

I've already mailed the invites but Megan encouraged me to send out another message for everyone to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book to share with baby girl. Beau and Ashley are still undetermined about her precious name :)

Dillan's baby sister will arrive sometime around the 1st of June!
Cute idea Megan!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Meg & Zach had fun on St Patrick's Day! We were in Hot Springs at the horse races for the weekend and had a great relaxing time! I read three books in two days!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Bring Up The Old Pram From The Basement!

Her Daddy brought up the old 1800's Pram from the basement and we enjoyed a lovely stroll through our Fashionable Utica Square neighborhood!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do Baby Princess Tiana, Harajuku Mini & Orange Stripe Docksiders Have In Common?

Dillan Grace Taylor! And Tay Tay & Abuelo! And in this case a innocent trip to Target to buy an IPod for Stephen!

Wednesdays are definitely the HAPPIEST DAY OF OUR WEEK! Stephen and I wake up whistling and singing because we know we'll get to see Dillan for just a few short hours before Beau picks her up when he gets off work! Yesterday we went to Target just to get Stephen an Ipod for the gym and ended up with more things for Dillan! The Harajuku Mini collection of clothes is so cool.... so we bought this adorable dress for her! After having a "no shoe" scare a few weeks ago we had to get the orange stripe loafers! Disney now has all the Princess's in baby form..... sleeping up stairs are Baby Snow, Cindrella and now we can surprise her with Baby Tiana tomorrow! We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up our and Dillan's favorite foods ... We are also excited that this coming weekend is Beau's weekend to have his sweet little girl and sometimes we get to see her:) Shout out to Kim.... we will always be available to watch over Dillan!
P.S. Stephen staged this crazy photo!

A Very Pink Baby Shower

My sister Jill is expecting her 2nd grand daughter & fourth grandbaby this coming April!
Family & friends celebrated baby Hazel's soon to be arrival at Jill's quaint 1800's Victorian home in Oklahoma!

This is Ella with her Grandma Jill. Jill's son Nathan & wife Deanne will be the new proud parents of Hazel!

Deanne & Ella are doing a little snuggle time with baby!

Ella poses on her Grandma Jill's hot pink car ... yes, the one with eyelashes (there's also a giant lip on the front)!!!!!

Evidently, this is the latest cool animal baby pillow... I thought so at least!

There's nothing like a strawberry cake for a baby shower!