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Monday, November 21, 2011

Check This Out If You Are Missing Friends & Family In Los Angeles!

The 100th Psalm, a Taylor family tradition......

We will be missing Megan this Thanksgiving but she has had the pleasure to be a part of a group of extraordinary friends that celebrate in a big time way each year! She brings Aunt Kathie's Yam (sweet potatoe) casserole which is always a big hit... when you come home with an empty dish, you know that old family recipes are the best ever! Once again she has been asked to recite the 100st Psalm! It's an old tradition in our family :) I highly recommend you all start doing the same!
Click the link below and enjoy... I wish I could be on this flight to be with Megan!


I really loved this video and I thank whom ever made it :) It really makes me want to hop on a plane to go back to from whence I came! To visit Megan & Zach, his family, our friends and our cousins etc.... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Dillan Will Be 3 Years Old The Day After Thanksgiving :)

Stephen bought her a giant Tony The Tiger for her birthday!

It's been 62 days ... If I had only known that day when Dillan walked out of our house, so excited to go to the fair, in her Jessie boots & cowboy hat with her Daddy ... I would have run out and told her not to forget about us, of course we told her a zillion times how much we loved her whenever she was here ... maybe I could have given her an extra hug? We always do the sign language for I love you when she leaves... I hope she remembers....
I wonder what Kim has told Dillan about her Daddy? I wonder what Kim has told Dillan about Abuelo & Tay Tay?
I wonder so many things and our hearts are breaking!