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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rock N' Fish Fun In Manhattan Beach!

Zach & Megan met up with Beau & Kim in Manhattan Beach last Friday night! Isn't this a cute picture of the girls!

Beau and Kim are having a great time on their vacation!

Stephen and I were so excited that "all the kids" were meeting up @ the beach for dinner! It just makes our hearts happy to know that are children are hanging out together and everyone is having a great time!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We Are Going To "Get Low" After We Drop Dillan Off @ Nanny & Pa Pa's House!

We have had the pleasure of taking care of Dillan for 36 hours straight! We dropped Kim & Beau off at the airport for their 2nd wedding anniversary escape to Manhattan Beach.... we have played "inside and outside" because the weather has been so nice... we took a trip to the Aquarium for the afternoon and topped it off with oatmeal raisin cookies and orange sherbet ice cream! She especially loved the beavers and the pretty "clownfish"!!! She's heading over to Nanny & Pa Pa's this afternoon and we'll be heading to the movie show immediately afterwards! Come Monday morning we'll pick Dillan back up until the 2nd year honeymooners arrive home :)
P.S. We are back and we really, really enjoyed this movie! We both give it a thumbs up! Robert Duvall & Bill Murray were superb, as always! We already miss Dillan!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grandma Tay Tay Discovers JBF!

Just Between Friends! Just Between about a zillion friends...the nicest GIANT garage sale ever!

I had the pleasure of shopping at JFB with Beau and Kim while Abuelo & Dillan played at home! We picked up some fun toys, clothes, puzzles and even a motorized little pink car for Dillan! If you have a JFB near you, it's worth going! They hold the event twice a year and you can pick up some great slightly used things at great prices!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seaview Inn In Manhattan Beach!

We were less than a block & one half from the beach :) Not having to worry about parking and adding quarters to the meters, they gave us fresh clean beach towels, beach chairs (they even have free bikes for the young at heart that want to ride up and down the strand) ...they have the most delicious cupcake place next door! A must! And the Local Yolk for breakfast or lunch is right there and very yummy! When we lived on 29th street in Manhattan Beach, back in the day, we often ran down to Moon's Market (2 doors down from Seaview) ...we were surprised that it was still there... a nice little neighborhood market! The hub bub of Manhattan Beach is down near the pier....but there is almost everything you could want near the Seaview Inn! They could only accommodate us for two days so we very sadly had to move to another hotel!
Beau and Kim are going next weekend for a celebration of their 2nd wedding anniversary and we are hoping they will enjoy "The Seaview Inn" as much as we did! You love birds will have fun and enjoy the surf and the sand and... and renew your love and spirit by relaxing on the west coast!
We Did!
XOXOXO To Beau & Kim next week! California Here You Come!

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet!

Oh Me, Oh My...... I think I forgot to thank Stephen on my blog for the lovely roses he brought home for me! It's been a pleasure for 37 years to be married to a man who has brought his lovely wife flowers off and on! Sometimes for no reason and often for a special occasion.... but ALWAYS very much appreciated!
Thank you for the roses my beloved!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Oasis Beauty!

Lift, New Mexico,
your tired forehead
That clouds the enchantment
of your peaceful face,
And joyfully receive
the bright crown,
Symbol of glory, venture,
and peace.

I loved the Flintstones! Who didn't when we were little! So I couldn't resist stopping and getting a photo with my old childhood friend.... Fred! I also loved the Jetson's....his wife is named Jane!

Petrified rock? Check it out on Google! We have a piece that we have dragged from house to home for many years!

Traveling throughout Arizona & New Mexico is just stupendous!!!!
For all that do not know? I grew up in Albuquerque! I moved there when I was entering 2nd grade! I loved being part of the New Mexico experience... The camping trips my parents took us on .... there's so much to see! Albuquerque is a great city! And Dearest Stephan came to the University and we met and fell in love! I have been gone now for 37 years but it was such a pleasure to visit my beloved home town!
We met my brother on the way back at a cool hole in the wall mexican place called "Mary & Titos Cafe".... total thumbs up and Happy Birthday Marty!!!

Summertime In Venice Beach! Gjelina's!

We met up with Megan & her dear friend Zach for a fun filled evening! The restaurant, Gjelina was just out of this world and it's seems we were ever so lucky just to get a table (you usually need to call 3 weeks ahead)! The highlight of the evening was when Zach gave Megan & Myself.....a most beautiful orchid wrist corsage! It was so unexpected and so charming! Our female hearts were aflutter! When Stephen and I left, we commented that it was definitely one of the best HIGHLIGHTS of our trip out west.... so that means right up there with hot air balloon rides and the spectacular ....Grand Canyon! Enjoying people and places make your "insides and out" feel jubilant! Great night!

Stephen Enjoying The South Rim!

Oh No!!!! Stephen seems to have lost his right arm @ The Grand Canyon?

Marc By Marc Jacobs & The Grand Canyon!

When we got into our Mini Cooper to head out west.... there was a giant gift box waiting for me! I decided right then and there that I would wait until we got to the Grand Canyon and I would open it at sunset! Finally the great moment had arrived!

Thank you Stephen.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Were Full Of Hot Air & 3,000 Feet Up In The Heavens!

The most crazy thing besides being so exhilarated was we thought we would land right back where we had taken off....not so! The hot air balloon pilot has no idea where he will end his flight so they have a chaser down on the road following you! How appropriate was it? We landed on a baseball field!!!! Stephen just smiled so knowingly when we landed on 2nd base! It really was a thrill ....I hope EVERYONE goes up in a hot air balloon someday!

Congratulations Beau Taylor MMA Announcer!

Beau has been hired and signed on to be the Color Analyst for all further TV and PPV cards for national MMA promotion Shine Fights. He will be working with emmy award winner and UFC announcer Bruce Beck (UFC 4-15) His first assignment is in Fairfax Virginia in just a few weeks!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old Schools In The Land Of Enchantment!

We drove by the church we were married in back in 1973, the University campus (Where Stephen graduated with a degree in Journalism), my childhood home, the schools I attended and lots of other places that jogged many lovely memories!

Skipping Down Memory Lane! The Sandia Peak Tram!

The Sandia Peak Tramway, located adjacent to Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the world's longest passenger aerial tramway!!! It also has the world's third longest single span. It stretches from the Northeast edge of the city to the crestline of the Sandia Mountains! And, And .....it's just breathtaking and amazing and a must do when you are in The Land Of Enchantment...The Duke City! This was another destination we took our out of town guest to when I was growing up in Albuquerque.... a fun trip up the mountain! I loved doing it with Stephen by my side!

Old Town Albuquerque New Mexico!

When I was growing up in the NE Heights of Albuquerque and someone came from out of town, we always took them to Old Town! That was our first stop when we arrived ... we were craving Mexican food and I just wanted to take my first step down "Memory Lane" in Old Town! We loved it and there was a wedding being performed in the town square! If you love chili rellenos and sopapillas....yum! Old Town has the oldest church in the city! So many fun authentic shops!
A must "do" when visiting The Duke City!