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Monday, March 23, 2009

I cannot think of anyone that "loves" his daughter more than Stephen! The last episode of "Friday Night Lights" he burst into tears when Coach Taylor's daughter said, "I guess I'm not Daddy's little girl anymore"...Meg...don't worry....you are still our precious daughter! Many blessings are always sent to you each and everyday! P.S....the more you follow my blog you'll find out why I love Stephen so much...he has such loving feelings...he's not afraid to cry...he's such a GOOD man! And every morning he says "Good morning Meg" and blesses her!


hub of the house said...

I'm glad you like dad - but I don't need to hear too much about it! Thanks!

Danielle said...

OK, how sweet are you Jane? And you too Steve! Way to go on the blog!!