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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Home Sweet Home" Be It Ever So Humble......

The weekend before our trip to Sarasota I fell ill with a bad cold or something? I was just dragging for days and finally went to the doctor and begged for something.... he gave me a shot! I think it helped a bit but I still only had the energy to pack wrinkled clothes.... we made it to Florida via Houston, Birmingham Alabama into Tampa.... then an hours drive to Sarasota!
We stopped at Whole Foods and stocked up on some fun food, we drank some wine and danced on the beach that evening! So very sweet.... except now Stephen is getting sick!

I cannot ever remember sleeping so much in my life? On the beach and in our crazy 1950's Motel room! Stephen was able to go and see three major league teams play baseball during our spring training vacation! His brother Pete and nephew Max were in Arizona attending spring training games in the desert! I remember eating really good food but not being able to really taste it? Getting from one spot to the next was the biggest effort! One night we slept for 12 hours straight! Dreaming of our Memory Foam fancy bed! The general public in Florida is very old, there are alot of bad drivers, the gulf hasn't really any great waves to surf, there are alot of shells on the beach....I'm over Florida for a very long while!

Just before we left, our weather was beginning to be ever so delightful....Spring has arrived here in our beautiful Fashionable Utica Square! So you see, coming home was even more wonderful! We begged Beau to bring Dillan over and we played out side with her and went on a wonderful stroll, had a refreshing bath and most of all....Stephen and I are feeling better! Almost like we could go on a vacation???

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home! It's true my friends....coming home to the things you love makes everything so complete! Love you Penny Kitty Cat, Love You Petuka Scottie Dog, Love you little grand daughter Dillan.....it goes on and on!

I just want to walk into my front door and enjoy the beautiful home we have created.....Next blog..... adventures around the homestead!


DAnna said...

Like your new "look" on your blog. Very striking!

How awful to be sick on your vacation....that's no fun. But glad you're feeling better!

Hey, did you know Charlie and I are going to be in Oklahoma in June? My HS reunion (in beautiful Henryetta). Will be staying with Barbie for a couple of days before, and after. Hopefully, we can get together for a visit!

hub of the house said...

you MUST get together!!!