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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Happening! My Beautiful Niece Morgan Is Getting Married This Weekend!

Morgan Lindsay Taylor & Jarret Andrew Rosser

Megan arrives tomorrow eve to be a bridesmaid to sweet cousin Morgan! Hair appointments, mani & pedi's scheduled, Luncheons, Eye make up appointments @ Saks 5th Ave.... and lots of other fun stuff! I've been making appointments for Meg & I to look as beautiful as we can! It comes easily for Megan to look beautiful....I need miracles! But, from the bottom of our hearts .... we can not wait to see Morgan & Jarret exchange vows!


DAnna said...

Sounds like ya'll will have a very busy weekend! I know you'll enjoy Megan's visit! I've been enjoying your "vintage" photos. Especially liked the one of of you and your prom date! Loved the wiglet - so glam.

hub of the house said...

wiglets ARE glam!!!!