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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Senior Prom! 1971 Janie Watts & Larry Tuttle...

Yes, I had a boyfriend in high school and he took me to my first Prom! Yes, my parents owned a wig shop & beauty salon! Yes, that is a "wiglet" on my head!!! Oh, the early 70's!
His name is Larry Tuttle and I think he's a dentist now! You can't tell from the picture but, I remember the dress being a very soft pale lavender. Larry was Homecoming King that year and he was the star player on both the baseball & basketball teams @ Sandia High School in Albuquerque New Mexico... a very fine catch for Janie Watts! We dated for two years and I enjoyed many trips to Elephant Lake in New Mexico with his family! He had the sweetest older sister and a squirrel of a younger brother & lots of Labrador Retrievers for hunting! I went hunting once with them and that was the one and only time I have ever shot any kind of gun... It's a lot harder than it looks.... we were dove hunting! Anyway, he went off to College and I started dating a football star named Randy Schmille! He was a year younger than me but I did think at the time he was the "cats meow"! I broke up with Randy Schmille the day I met Megan & Beau's father, my beloved husband Stephen Taylor! There were a few dates here and there with other young men that fancied me... but I knew right away that my destiny was with Stephen! It will be 37 years this coming July 28th! No love regrets here!

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hub of the house said...

you had sooo many boyfriends bragger!!!