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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Tillandsias Have A Wide Range Of Habitats! Like Some Of Us?

We went to the Home & Garden show @ the Expo Square this morning after having breakfast with dear friends!
Stephen and I bought a Tillandsias plant! If I could be any plant in the world....maybe I would be a Tillandsias plant!
Why? The ability to adapt to different environments makes the Tillandsia one of the most "CAREFREE" plants in the world!
How do we adapt in life....just keep on accepting things, do it in a good way and love everything you can love!
Tillandsias live from the arid deserts to the rain forrests ....they find a way to survive and we will too!

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Dorothy said...

But they DO need moisture, so when indoors, they need a little help!