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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Went To The Movies Today! Babies!

We were so blessed to see sweet Dillan every single day this week! We love her so! You can imagine why we wouldn't hesitate to see a movie about babies! : >)

I was a little depressed today but Stephen (Bless His Heart) got me up and going and took me to the Blue Moon Cafe and then to see this amazing documentary called "Babies"!!!! Having just had the wonderful experience of seeing Dillan grow the past year and a half....as the sweetest baby EVER, we especially liked this film! You see the growth of 4 babies from 4 different parts of the world! Africa, Japan, Mongolia & the USA.... from birth until they all start walking! Incredibly, the growth of babies doesn't differ much in spite of the circumstances of your birth! There are no words spoken in the movie, it's mostly visual but it's just the truth about a baby's first year of life! I don't know that I would have been anxious to see this film if Meg & Beau were teenagers BUT it appropriately came out on Mother's Day Weekend! Babies, the movie & real life Babies are just so .....no words....experience both if you can!
P.S. I love babies!

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