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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do You See The Twinkle In Meg's Eye?

Today is Meg's last day of being 33 years old! She spent it in Palos Verdes (Our first home when we moved to California) ...She did the poolside thing at a very fancy Hotel with friends! She was born during the midnight hours so .... when she awakens in the morrow, she will be officially another year older and wiser and sweeter!
About this time prior to her miraculous birth....I was hanging out with my sister Ann and asking her what to expect when the contractions came! I thought they had started but everyone was convinced that it was a false alarm! Megan was actually born on her "due date" and my Grandpa's birthday! Dear sister Ann took me to the hospital and yes....it seems it was time for our dear Megan to come into this wonderful world! I called Stephen at work to tell him I was at the hospital and he said, "Why?" We were young, I was 22 and he was 26..... you see, hospitals meant injuries and accidents and bad things in our minds!
She arrived a little after 4 in the morning and has been a blessing to everyone who knows her, since that moment! She had oodles of curly brown hair and looked just like an angel Thank you Megan for being our daughter.... for all the things we did wrong ... we did something REALLY right by having YOU ... you have contributed to this great world!!
Please, whatever you do ... don't loose that twinkle in your eye!

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hub of the house said...

thanks mom!!! LOVE YOU!!!!