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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward!

It seemed pretty cool that I changed the time on this kitchen clock while Stephen was actually watching the Dodgers play the Giants in Arizona live!!!

These avid Hummel readers belonged to Grandma and they sit next to a charming chiming little clock! (That also was Grandmas!)

I never know where I'll find "Sock Monkey" after Dillan leaves? Today he's sitting on a sweet little chair that belonged to Dillan's great, great, great Grandparents!!!! My Mother found the chair & matching love seat in her Grandparent's chicken coop when she was first married!

This figure head of a women from a boat has been sailing with us through life for a very, very long time! I hope everyone is adjusting to the new time change? We'll have a lot more light in the evenings to play outdoors:)

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