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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Caladiums & Dillan Grace Taylor!

Oh Yes, It's Wednesday again and Abueleo & I woke up with joy in our hearts because it's been a full week since we have seen our sweet Grand-Daughter!  We picked her up and stopped at Walgreens for some cough meds ... We were concerned that she had a cough ...she even had a bit of a cough a week ago?  But of course we desperately needed to buy her a Disney Princess toothbrush for Daddy's house and some Disney blow bubbles for out back and a special light up Disney Magic Wand, a Tiara, necklace, ear rings & heart shaped ring!  She also picked out and put into the shopping basket a silly ball, lucky charms, a stuffed plush dog, a Princess Cup, Some diapers for her baby sister, a Barbie Doll outfit!  Oh, on the baby aisle she went nuts picking things out for her soon sister to be BUT clever Abuelo just kept putting things back by and by!   When we came home she got down and dirty in the garden and helped me (really actually helped) dig holes and plant Caladiums!  She knows they like shade more than sun!

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