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Monday, June 15, 2009


How many of you can say you went to a National League game & American League game at the same time? We were rooting for the "Twins" because one of Stephen's pitchers from his Rotisserie League....was pitching for Minnesota, Kevin Slowey! Because of Slowey's great skills....Stephen was once again in first place! He's been in a Baseball Rotisserie League every year since 1985!

Stephen went into the game early and Tim gave Meg and I a great tour of all the "happening" places around Wrigley Field! Including where Tim lived a few years back!

Handsome Tim Root was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota...The Minnesota Twins beat the Chicago Cubs right in front of his eyes!! Eating peanuts at a baseball game is a "must do"!!!

You may or may not know that Stephen lives and breathes to go see baseball games...I usually don't attend with him! He was really excited to have me accompany him to a major league baseball game!!!

I got the impression that the Cub fans don't like the St. Louis Cardinals??

Between the tickets, parking, hotdogs, peanuts, nachos, beer & soda pop... and then the souvenirs! T-shirts, flags, ball caps etc....four people going to a Cub game isn't cheap! Thanks to a certain someone who had connections! Our big purchase was a new "Cub" outfit for Baby Dillan!

Millions of Cub Fans donate money to have their personnel brick become a part of Cub history! Pretty Cool!!!!! However, upon closer observation...check out Skye's & Dad's 1st Cub Game brick?? Can you have a brick for a game that hasn't even been played...guess so!

A popular Cub t-shirt! I bought one for everyone of my blogger fans!!!

Moxie...means energy, pep, courage & determination! Amongst the thousands of "pubs" and cafes that surround Wrigley Field...we settled down at Moxie's while the crowds dissipated! We were lucky to get a patio seat so we could do some serious people watching!

And who came walking down the boulevard in search of Stephen...Billy Cub himself!


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