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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Racehorse Sent From Heaven!

On a day that racing will cherish for a long time, a historic moment....Zenyatta beat the boys!!!! Oh my, did she! She won the male domain for all of its previous 25 years! She beat the boys by a length! The thousands of signs scattered about the crowd--Girl Power, they bounced up and down in a sea of unrestrained joy! (Megan @ I were one of those sign wavers) Zenyatta not only won one for the underdogs, but did wonders for female pride! In the paddock she did a few little steps before letting Mike Smith (the jockey) climb aboard and then she headed off to stomp some testosterone!
Megan and I were with our handsome male counter parts (Tim & Stephen) who had betted on 2nd place Gio Ponti....they were not as excited because they lost.....But hey, she beat who ever showed up!

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