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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scottish Terrier "Sadie" Wins National Dog Show Today!

This is Walter, Megan & Tim's scotty dog!

This is Petuka, our scotty dog!

This is Sadie, the Best Of Show scotty that won today!

Best Of All Breeds!
On Thanksgiving, it is important to remember our smaller friends as well. They add something to our lives each and every day, and some even say that pet owners add years onto their lives just by having a pet. We don't own them. They most definitely own us.


Will said...

Indeed, the best of all breeds! Congrats to Sadie! Too bad she didn't win Westminster, maybe she'll got another shot at it next year?

DAnna said...

Mom was watching and was definitely hoping Sadie would win! Guess we should pull out "Best of Show" and give it another watch....one of my favorite movies. Happy day after Thanksgiving - DAnna