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Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Were Full Of Hot Air & 3,000 Feet Up In The Heavens!

The most crazy thing besides being so exhilarated was we thought we would land right back where we had taken off....not so! The hot air balloon pilot has no idea where he will end his flight so they have a chaser down on the road following you! How appropriate was it? We landed on a baseball field!!!! Stephen just smiled so knowingly when we landed on 2nd base! It really was a thrill ....I hope EVERYONE goes up in a hot air balloon someday!

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DAnna said...

I tried out hot-air ballooning last summer - we took off west of Templeton off of Hwy. 46 and floated above the vineyards!. It was an incredible experience!!! Even though I don't like heights, being up in the balloon didn't bother me. Would love to go again!