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Friday, October 8, 2010

Princess Dillan's New Playhouse!

Thank you Fashionable Utica Square for having a Pottery Barn 4 Kids! I could never get Abuelo into a Toys R Us but he very happily likes to cruise this store!

Every morning Stephen heads up to the sweet little post office in the square for his company mail, every morning he stops @ Starbucks in the square ... and yesterday he willingly stopped @ PB Kids! This time we brought home a project... this playhouse tent! While Dillan took her afternoon nap we assembled her new Princess house!
Little did we know yesterday when we awakened to a beautiful sunny day.... that by days end, we would have shared tea with Dora The Explorer & Dillan in a Princess house!
P.S. Please note the "mail slot" and feel free to send your letters & notes to Princess Dillan :)

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