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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Tony Hawk Stand Up For Skateparks Event!

Last Sunday Meg had the pleasure of joining her cousin Jaimie and his sweet little ones, Stella & Milo @ this charity event!
Hosted by super rich Ron Burkle!
Billionaires generally have big houses. Burkle, 53, resides at Green Acres, one of the grandest, most storied super-mansions in Beverly Hills and one of Southern California's best-known party houses. His home is set on 17 acres of the most prestigious real estate and it's famous for having under ground tunnels!

Obviously held at a posh mansion.... Jane's Addiction entertained & there were oodles of movie stars! Speaking of "Posh" her husband was in attendance and the women were all a flutter! (Beckham) But not Megan! She's totally "into" a remarkable young man!

Pinks is LA's most famous "hotdog" stand and we are looking forward to standing in line for an hour for a "dog" when we head to California to visit Meg & Zach next month!

My sister Ann would be so happy to see these two together :) Aunt Ann gave Meg her first haircut! Megan was a frequent at the Muehlhausen home when she was little! Meg especially enjoyed her cousin Jillann's slumber parties!
Megan had such a great time and now she is hoping to hang out with her cousins more often.... Jaimie lives down in San Diego! Jillann lives with her beautiful family in Louisville Colorado!
Thanks Jaimie for including dearest Megan!!!!!

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