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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Had The Time Of My Life.... And I Owe It All To You!

Along with Abuelo & Grandmother Tay Tay....Woody & Jessie were propped up next to the ketchup & condiments! They watched me eat a kid's cheeseburger, Abuelo ate a Fat Guy Hotdog and Dillan exclaimed she was eating "The best grilled cheese sandwich ever"! Abuelo & Dillan each had handmade special milk shakes and she was so excited to dip her french fries into strawberry ketchup! At some point in our wonderful luncheon she stopped and just wanted to hug and hang on to Abuelo.... it was so sweet! I was sitting across from them and maybe I did get goosebumps & smile & record in my memory how wonderfully loving this moment was ... well because it really was!

So today Dillan learned to surf on her Dora The Explorer boogie board in the giant jacuzzi in our bedroom... Abuelo & I turned on the jets for the effect! We (along with Chickie Baby) hung out in the walk in closet with the lights turned off and just a flash light and read a book & made funny hand sillouette's on the wall and read a book that I so totally recommend to all! How Much Do I Love You!
From your fingertips to you toes and every way you can stretch.... that's how much I love so many people!
Also, she turned to Abuelo and said, "Now Settle Down Abuelo"!!!!
I've been wanting to say that with the same conviction for 38 years!
We were rolling around with hysterical laughter!

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