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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toy Story 3 Buzz and Jessie Dance

Yes, it's true! My old bones are achy from dancing with Dillan for about a 100 times to this song today... After dining on Lobster Bisque for lunch with Abuelo & myself.... Dillan needed just one more burst of energy before nap time ....She insisted we put her "Prrincess" dress back on because she just couldn't dance in regular clothes!!!! Hello .... I get that! Atmosphere, costume & mood create great moments of artistic expression!

Just go with it Buzz! .... as Jessie herself would say!
Back when Megan & Beau were little I would have spent the time they were napping by picking up & doing the dishes etc....
One of the great perks of being a Grandma for me is that I actually have a legitimate excuse to nap along with this precious 2 year old plus 9 months .... bundle of love! She fell asleep with Woody & Jessie, however she asked a sleepy question, "Where's Buzz?"
Before we dozed off, we decided that he had gone to Infinity & Beyond and would be back when we awakened:)
Sure enough, that's what her first words were when she woke up .... "Do you think Buzz is back?"
Plus Dillan is learning Spanish too
Amigo :)

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