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Friday, October 7, 2011

Rescue Dogs..... Love Abounds

Annie lives two doors down from our house and was rescued by our neighbor Ann! Even when our children were young I always thought it was important for the children to know who lives nearby and for the neighbors to know our kids, and now our grand child! Sweet Dillan Grace Taylor :)

Yes, I shout it from the roof tops on my blog but most importantly I shout it out all over Terwilleger Heights! I'm the creepy Grandma that yells "slow down" when Dillan is out front playing! She's had so much fun hanging out with the kids on the street!

Slowly but surely all of our friends on the street know who Dillan Grace Taylor is .... and what's most important is.... that she is beloved and a part of the next generation on the street! She might be one of the first but everyone really gets it.... The Grand Kids Are Coming! To the GREATEST neighborhood, established in the 1920's! South St. Louis Ave!

Dillan is so totally in love with Hayden next door, he's 8 years old :) We haven't seen our sweet Dillan for 7 days & 7 nights and I am beginning to miss her so very much!
Cross your fingers for us ... divorce is some times really extremely sad for the Grandparents!

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