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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dillan Will Be 3 Years Old The Day After Thanksgiving :)

Stephen bought her a giant Tony The Tiger for her birthday!

It's been 62 days ... If I had only known that day when Dillan walked out of our house, so excited to go to the fair, in her Jessie boots & cowboy hat with her Daddy ... I would have run out and told her not to forget about us, of course we told her a zillion times how much we loved her whenever she was here ... maybe I could have given her an extra hug? We always do the sign language for I love you when she leaves... I hope she remembers....
I wonder what Kim has told Dillan about her Daddy? I wonder what Kim has told Dillan about Abuelo & Tay Tay?
I wonder so many things and our hearts are breaking!

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Anonymous said...

This photo of little Dillan looks strikingly similiar to her grandmother Jane (famous blogger). A while back, a central european monk honed a special theory to help explain the transmission of hereditary traits like these pictured here; expressive eyes, cheerful smirk, quirky cock of the head.. look right four inches and down two and see if Gregor didn't nail it.