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Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Beautiful Morning At Our Home

Beau & Ashley brought Dillan over before they went to work :) She was still in her Brigitte Bardow Kitty PJ's and wearing the cutest butterfly boots from Mommy! Like always, she was out of her clothes and into her Princess dress within 5 minutes! Dillan helped cracked some eggs and experienced some "honey butter" on her toast ... yum!

We went upstairs to "HER" bedroom (it's our guest bedroom but it's definitely starting to look like a little girl's bedroom)! We had the greatest birthday party for Boots! He's Dora's side kick monkey! Sing A Ma Jig serenaded the famous birthday song,
"Happy Birthday To You, You Live In A Zoo, You Look Like A Monkey, And You Act Like One Too!" Some of the honored guests to the party were, a wind up Santa Claus, Dora of course, the Ling Ling chick from the Wonder Pets, two giant Lollapolooza dolls and their pets (a owl & sheep lamb) AND last but NOT least.... Princess Cinderella Dillan joined the celebration! Afterwards we had the wildest game with a bouncy ball! A lot of giggles were involved!

We baked some cookies and Dillan took them to school! It's John Smith! All of us could not recollect what John Smith's name was? With the Princess Pocahontas!!! Yea for us! We finally know!

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