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Friday, February 10, 2012

My First Meal.....

My first request of Megan when I got off the airplane was to take me to In-N-Out for a double, double animal style :) Thanks Megan! Soooo Yummy!


Anonymous said...

When I worked as a doorman at the Hotel Bel Air I was constantly removing In-N-Out bags and cups from airport rental cars when people checked in to the hotel. It seemed like EVERYONE went there after landing at LAX...corporate execs,movie stars,world rulers. The secret menu order, "animal style", is just code for extra spread (the tasty stuff that runs down your chin) and grilled onions (which don't). That's what a burger is all about.

DAnna said...

There are now 2 In-N-Outs in SLO county - the one in Atascadero and a new one in Arroyo Grande! We ate at the Atascadero one just last week - dinner for 3 for only $12.00! No In-N-Outs in Colorado :-(

And....there is now a Panera Bread in SLO in Madonna Plaza, next to a Chipolte Grill....and....a new Olive Garden is opening up across from Costco in SLO. (We love their all you can eat soup and salad lunches!)