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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ashley's Baby Shower Was Tickled Pink!

All of the families got together to celebrate the next baby in all of our lives! Ashley's family from Kellyville are the most close knit family and were so warm and loving! Everyone that came was somehow related to Baby Girl Taylor and the gifts were generous ... some were homemade and everything was so thoughtful! I was so blessed to meet all of her Great Grandparents! Wonderful, wonderful people! Dillan has been hanging out with them and they LOVE LOVE her (who wouldn't?) They all brought gifts for Dillan in case she would be there, that was sweet! Baby Girl Taylor is literally stuck on one side of Ashley's Baby Bump so we already know she'll be pretty little! She has a heart shaped uterus? I was so happy to meet Ashley's little sister and see the love between them because I imagine that is how it will be with Dillan and her new baby sister someday!
Megan flew in from California for the Shower and most importantly to hang out with her Dad before his hip replacement surgery! The only really sad thing about last weekend was that Megan couldn't see Dillan, her sweet little niece! I think that is where hearts are broken sometimes? It just was not Beau's weekend to have Dillan.....
Maybe we can start changing things like that because it should be about what's best for Dillan!

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