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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dillan Loves To Get Out My Hats.....

And eat yummy fruits & veggies at the table! Beau and Kim might be upset that we let her do all sorts of things but they are always just fun and curious things ... and we try and teach her a lesson about everything! We just take a nice slow time for her to discover and understand! By the way, she's brilliant! She's great at all sorts of things .... mostly understanding, especially when you explain things on her level! From the emotions she's feelings.... to why and why not about all sorts of things! If you look into her eyes you KNOW she has the sweetest & loving soul.... a bit mischievous! (But both Kim & Beau have a sweet mischievous nature too) She's lucky to have such incredible parents that both give her their love and then some!

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