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Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Gets His First Hair Cut!

Walter has a Grandma Tay that has had Scottish Terriers most of her adult life...so she is a bit confused by the first haircut of her grand-doggie? He at the very least deserved the famous beard & distinct eyebrows... I realize he is too young to have a skirt/kilt that his breed is sweepingly famous for... his "direction up" ears need to be cleaned up...what is with the uni-brow? I know Meg loves Frieda Kahlo but...poor Walter looks like a wanna be black Westie! Take him back and give the little fellow some dignity! Love You Walter...Grandma Tay Tay!


hub of the house said...


baby taylor said...

that is a hilarious post!! meg- did the people give him a strange cut? jane has a trained eye for this sort of scottie business!!