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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday's 4.43 inches of rain breaks record......

I've been hanging out with best friend Lynne the past two days! On Monday Lynne took me to lunch and then we spent the afternoon @ her old house cataloging the beautiful antiques she'll be taking to her new country estate!
All afternoon we saw lightning, heard thunder while it rained over 4 inches! When I had to leave, Lynne graciously offered me an umbrella but, I opted for a 1950's pot that had belonged to her Mom!

Yesterday I drove out to the countryside to her house on the hill and we re-arranged furniture and envisioned the final move! And then she took me to lunch again! Wow! Thanks Lynne....I had fun!

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DAnna said...

No wonder we don't get any rain out here in California.....you all are hogging it all!!! I have 2 of those very same metal "pots" - they are Georges Briard - mom had the pots and a coffee pot with some mugs. I brought the pots out here - we sold the pot and mugs at the estate sale!