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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Vatchers....More Fun!

Here's a nice group of relatives!
Marty Rouse, Matt D'Andrea, Jimmy Vatcher with newborn son Graham!
Wow! Charming and loved relatives from 3 different Vatcher families!

But wait....Uncle Don needs to be in the picture....he's the patriarch of the Vatcher family!

We are so proud!
Marty Rouse is the Chief Deputy Sheriff of the Ventura Police Department....married to Jane (Stephen's cousin)....
Matt D'Andrea is the son of Stephen's cousin John D'Andrea...a famous pediatric doctor in California...Matt plays football and has a younger brother and sister (Grace)....they were on the rooftop too!
Jimmy Vatcher is Aunt Barbara & Uncle Don's youngest son....a famous baseball player for many years! All baseball fans should google this amazing guy!
And that sweet baby is Graham....who knows his future? President of the United States? Jimmy's wife (Dena) was adorable and his other son, Jack, was cute as a button! (Just wish we had pictures to post of them) We were just ecstatic that all these great people made it to the roof to celebrate Stephen's 60th birthday! Thanks everyone!

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