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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dillan's Great Grandfather is J.D. Pippins

I was reading the paper this morning and came across this letter to the editor! I was thinking, "Kudos" to who ever wrote this letter and then lo and behold .....I see that Dillan's great grandpa is the author!! J.D. is Kim's Mother's Dad and just about the nicest person ever! In fact, Kim's entire family is just wonderful and we feel ever so lucky that they are our in laws!

Letter to the editor: 'We get the point'
By J.D. Pippins, Broken Arrow

I'm thinking that probably 90 percent of the folks who watch the news have had the experience of having a needle stuck in their arm. We know what it looks like. We know what it feels like and usually we know why we are getting it.

The question I have is why do all of our news channels insist on repeatedly showing the needle, the plunge, the extraction of the needle and the anguish on the face of the children who are getting shots? It's good that they keep us informed about the need for vaccinations, but enough with the actual filming of the experience. We get the point.


Dillan said...

I'm so glad I don't watch the news ....cause I get my flu shot this week Great Grandpa!!!! I'm so glad you are sticking up for us "little" ones!

kim t said...

i love papa!!