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Friday, October 2, 2009

How Pretty Is Morgan's Engagement Ring?

Dillan and I strolled up to Fashionable Utica Square this afternoon to personally deliver bridal magazines to Morgan from all of us "Taylor Girls" (Meg & Kim & Dillan & Myself) ....We were also dying to see her engagement ring and it is really, really beautiful! Morgan works part time at the Black & White store and it was really busy.....but she still got to hold and hug Dillan and see her walk! We also strolled into the famous bistro known as "Stonehorse" where Kim worked almost right up until sweet baby was born....everyone went crazy with excitement to see Dillan! Tim,the owner lives next door to us with his lovely wife Lise and son, Hayden , who just started kindergarten! Next door to the restaurant is the Stonehorse Market.....full of all sorts of wonderful food! Dillan and I brought home Abuelo's favorite butternut squash soup & some New England clam chowder, fresh bread and yes....... truffle butter! Sooooooo good! Then we meandered around the corner to Fashionable Utica Square's Barber Shoppe... where Stephen gets his hair cut by the lovely Lindsey! Just had to show off Dillan once again! It was such a enchanting day for a stroll up to the hub of the square! Life is so good!

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