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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Harvest Moon

My sister Jill has really decorated for the Autumn this year!

I visited Jill and my Mom this past week in El Reno!

This is just a tiny glimpse of her decorations! She really ought to charge trick or treaters and give tours!

Halloween is in just two weeks!!! Have you made your costumes? I'm buzzing around making bumble bee costumes for Beau and Kim ....such fun! They have the cutest bumble bee outfit for Dillan....I love bees! Buzz...they pollinate our planet!


Anonymous said...

You and your sister really do resemble each other. Plus Jane and Jill are "sister" names.
I could certainly use her help decorating Lotusland for the Twilight Tour this weekend.

Janie Taylor said...

I don't really look like Jill .....do I? Lotusland needs a more sophisticated look....real pumpkins and real witches and real ghosts! Hope to see you Dorothy in a few weeks! BOO!