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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creating Shower Invitations On a Cold Day Is So Much Fun!

The temperature dropped into the 40's today and it was a good excuse to stay in my Nick & Nora's flannel PJ's and get out my glue gun, tulle & hot pink pearl flowers.....

Megan and I are hosting a wedding shower for Morgan two days after Christmas! My niece & Megan's favorite cousin! She's getting married the first week of March to Jarret, the nicest guy! The family is very excited! Megan & I put our creative heads together over the Thanksgiving weekend and assembled all the makings of a fabulous invite! This is just a preview of what's to come!
P.S. Glue guns and newly polished fingernails do NOT work out well!!!! Meg & I shared a "mani & pedi" together on Monday morning before she went back to LA and my Hot Red nail polish looks pretty pathetic now!

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Anonymous said...

ooh those are soo cute!!! thank you so much Aunt Jane and Meg for your hard work!! you all are the best!! so cute!!