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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dillan Is Not Feeling Well?

Before I begin this story I must state that our adorable Dillan has NEVER been sick!!!! So Beau calls and says that he thinks she may have a fever? He rushes her over and we give her tylenol for babies....she's still her great spirited self but just a bit fussy? Like all of us she doesn't like feeling bad and she's lived a full year of pure happiness....the hardest thing in life is to see someone who has always been happy and delightful and then take their temperature & know she's not feeling up to par....she's fighting something off and we all want to fight with her....she's so little! Please say your prayers for our darling Dillan Grace!


hub of the house said...

it's all my fault!

Grandma Tay said...

Everyone and their dog is sick right now....it's not your fault!