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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Memorable Visit With The Man From The North Pole!

We met up @ Fashionable Utica Square for Dillan's first visit to Santa's house! The square was buzzing with happy shoppers buying Coach bags & sipping Starbucks! It was a bit nippy out so everyone was bundled up with their Burberry scarfs, Ugg boots & faux furs! Lucky for us there was only a short line of little ones waiting to see the "fat man"!

"This is so exciting, I hope Dillan does well sitting on Santa's lap for her first official Santa Claus photo?" exclaimed the proud parents, Beau & Kim!
(I think Beau is remembering the first time we took him to Santa's house in Utica Square, 1979)

"The lights are pretty, this little gingerbread house is so cute, but I'm not quite sure about the chubby man dressed in red?" thought Dillan with a bit of trepidation!

"Look who's here!!! It's the famous Dillan Grace Taylor! Abuelo & Grandma Tay's beautiful Grand daughter!" Proclaimed Santa Claus!

The last picture is missing because as soon and Dillan was placed on Santa's lap....yep, she burst out into the most pitiful sob imaginable! After a bit, Kim was able to get her calmed down and Mrs. Claus took a pretty good picture.....I just don't have it to show you all.....

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