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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just In....More Baby Shower Pictures!

I have two very special "Best Friends" here in Tulsa and when we "Moved Back" we just connected like I hadn't been gone for 25 years! I really love their children and I was very honored to be apart of hosting this baby shower for Lynne's daughter, Kylie!
She's so pretty and she will LOVE being a Mama!

Oh yes, even Siamese Penny Cat loved the shower, especially the ribbons on the balloons!

I have to include this picture of Kylie's Grandma Vivienne....she is a VERY special lady! She is my friend Lynne's Mom and will be Isaac's GREAT Grandma! There were two other soon to be GREAT grandma's at the shower on Jacob's side of the family! I was so "transformed" by being a Grandmother myself.... I can't even imagine Dillan growing up and getting married and me going to HER first baby shower??? So special!

Jacob's Mom and Petuka! When Petuka jumps upon a chair we call her "Our Paris Doggie" !! She was wonderful throughout the 3 hour shower... no one stepped on her and she especially enjoyed any food that was accidently dropped on the floor! Thanks Petuka for cleaning up after all of us!

Sophie & another sweet little girl were perfect angels.....except when they re-arranged the "Duck Bathroom" upstairs (te he) and picked quite a few blue pansies out front in the flower bed.... oh well, they didn't know they had just encouraged the plants to grow even more flowers! Actually they could have nibbled on the flowers because pansies are quite popular in salads these days!

This is Jacob's sister....soon to be Isaac's Aunt! I don't know who's baby she is holding but I thought this picture was super cute! And the two of them are adorable!

Kylie is just about ready to POP! She can't cross her legs any longer! She told me today that she went home after the shower and took the longest nap, I guess being 8 months pregnant & opening zillions of presents can be very exhausting! She did get some of the cutest things for baby Isaac....Kylie's freinds and family were very generous! And so they should be! This baby is going to be absolutely adorable!

Kylie and her older sister Kelsey are as snug as bugs....always have been! My dear friend Lynne, raised TWO of the most lovely daughters! Kelsey's Husband Sam just finished "boot camp" and they will be stationed in Sunny California!

That's me! The hostess with the mostest & Sweet Baby Mama Kylie!

Baby Showers are so much fun.... offer to have them whenever you can....you won't regret the pleasure!

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