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Monday, April 19, 2010


Jacob is the Daddy and Sweet Kylie is the Mama to be.....It's a BOY! They have already named this sweet little baby boy! His name is Isaac and he is expected to make his debut in early June!

Baby Jacob is on your left & Baby Kylie is on your right! They were the "CUTEST" Babies! Isaac will be the most amazing adorable little baby boy! Looking at these two...what do you think baby Isaac will look like?

The Baby Brunch shower is next Saturday! We have some fun games planned like....
Guess the measurement of Kylie's waist! Wrap your tape measure around that one!
Every one gets a chance at a super duper prize.... we are pinning a clothsline pin on everyone and when anyone says the word "BABY" they can steal it off the person who verbally said "BABY"!!!! The most clothspins, the winner!
Last but not least, we are going to have everyone write down some baby advise for Kylie on index cards...maybe words of wisdom from all of us old time Mothers and new time Mothers? Emily has picked up a cute scrapbook to put all the "advise" into....Jungle theme! Monkeys, Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

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