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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just An ordinary Tuesday!

Who's Dora The Explorer? A cartoon from the Nickelodeon TV channel!

I received this interesting e-mail from Uncle Jimmy!

The Los Angeles Lakers vs The Oklahoma Thunders!

Stephen pulled out his most favorite thing that Megan ever game him ....his Laker basketball flag! The Lakers & the Oklahoma Thunders are battling each other in the NBA playoffs and he just had to toot around town with the flag attached to our car!
I tooted with him up to The Wildfork Cafe to share a breakfast omelette! We then picked up Dillan for a fun day of activities! First off to Target.... Dillan came home with the Dora The Explorer water fun bath toys & Boots (the monkey)!!!

A new statue has been placed over at Woodward Park called "Poems And Promises"..... so when Dillan woke up from her afternoon nap we strolled the two blocks over to see the lady reading Shakespeare in Ann Hathaway's herb garden! Ann Hathaway was William Shakespeare's wife and we have a very old drawing of her cottage (inherited from Stephen's side of the family).... hanging in our living room! The Ann Hathaway herb garden has been in Woodward Park for years ....the bronze statue is a lovely addition!

Abuelo & Dillan....heading home from the park....Petuka enjoyed the outing too!

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