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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eyelashes Will Soon Be Abounding.....Latisse!

While Stephen has been away basking on the beaches of California (Manhattan Beach to be exact) ... Enjoying the luxuries of The Wave Hotel ... I have spent a little time @ what we called in the older days, "The Beauty Parlor"! Just alot of women sitting around being pampered and trying to look like all the movie stars in the zillions of rag magazines that are on every nook and cranny in the salon! I first had my roots done in blondish highlights to mesh with my ever increasing flash of real white hair... then I had it straightened to get rid of all the frizz that was creating a humid hair halo above my head! I noticed a few girls that had eyelashes put on ... they last about 6 to 8 weeks and looked really pretty! Maybe I will have them put on before we go to London, I thought to myself? Then I was distracted by the really ultra new cool nail polish that lasts for up to 3 weeks without ever chipping! I saw some examples and booked an appointment for the very next day (they look fabulous by the way)! Then the eyelash thing came up again and a client that was waiting showed me her ultra long lashes and told me where to pick up Latisse! I'm excited about trying out this new product! I hope to be "batting my eyelashes" soon and saying some demure southern lady quotes! Like.. "My, oh my .... it's just so Hot"! Maybe something a little more profound?  I'm done for now, except I need a pedicure desperately!  Stephen has been missed terribly, yet I have also enjoyed some wonderful alone time .... reading especially! (2 books since he left last Wednesday)  Kim, Dillan and I went for lunch (cheeseburgers my favorite) and then .... I put step into a Toy R Us for the first time in over 20 years.... it was so much fun!  Kim and I think we came home with some pretty good educational toys & a few things that have been inspired by channel 105...Nick!  Thank you Kim and Dillan for a wonderful lunch and afternoon!
I'm excited that Madmen starts tomorrow night.... just a few hours after my beloved Stephen comes home from his California trip!


hub of the house said...

sooo awesome! I am sure you look gorgeous!!!!

hub of the house said...

why no recent blogging??